Stole My Heart

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2. Elegant But Fab

~Alison's POV~
I had known Niall for about a week now. He finally told me he was in and über popular BoyBand called One Direction,and thought I was screwing with him when we met and I didn't know who he was. I laughed my head off about it and he did too,so we sat there in a laughing fit. Yesterday he called and asked my to come to dinner tonight and meet my friends, of course I'm bringing my sister. Niall and Ashely had met and got on quite well. But the was she looked at him and smiled when he was around, you could tell she wanted to be more than friends. When he talked to her or mentioned her name she blushed. To be honest her long wavy brown hair with her beautiful blonde highlights and the way it shines in the sun, I think they would be an adorable couple. 
About two hours later I was out of the shower and about to take off my green face mask, and get out of my soft and fluffy yellow robe with my name written across the pocket in hot pink. When I walked in the bathroom I was faced with Ashely in her matching hot pink robe with her name written across the front in yellow, she was almost done taking off her mask to go change. After I removed my face mask I went to change. I wore a dark blue just above the knee strapless dress with a thin fabric of the same color that covered the rest of my chest, there was an attached blue belt with a flower on the edge of my hip. I wore my batman pump since the had hints of dark blue. I grabbed my yellow mini cross body bag that matched the yellow in my pumps, after I put $50 in my purse and my iPhone 5 with a black quilted pattern I was ready to do my hair. I curled my hair loosely and put a dark blue head band that matched my dress around my forehead like a hippie. 
Sorry short chapter just wanted to get through this :P


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