Something About You

I admit,..... I'm a little old fashioned. He giggled "And that's what I like about you." He said. My heart began to flutter, as he leaned in to give me a kiss on the forehead.


1. Dance With Me

            I felt my feet hit the ground as the sweat dripped down my face. Two more hours of practice and I'll be perfect with this routine, I thought as I lifted my leg above my head while I spun in a circle. This was fun! Most people would say back breaking agony, but this is what I do for a living. Dance in front of some posh-looking people for money and I enjoyed it. I lowered my leg to the ground and walked over to the mini fridge in the corner of the studio. Ballet could sure make you thirsty, after all it is a lot of exercise. After I chugged a full bottle of water I headed off to the bar to do some stretches, I needed to keep myself fit and flexible.  

           After my nice long workout I headed into my room for a shower. Having a studio in my house was very convenient, I hated sitting in my own sweat longer than I had to. I stepped into the bathroom and peeled of my leo, then I stepped into the shower. I shivered a little bit as my body got used to the ice cold water. It felt refreshingly good though, it helped my muscles relax and un-tense. After my long shower I hopped out, halfway through I had changed the water from cold to warm, which made the air feel 20 degrees lower than it really was causing me to yelp. I dried off and waltzed into my room already debating what I was going to wear. After trying on a few things I finally settled on this. ( ) I tucked in my top then threw the jumper on over it, put up my hair then added a bow, for a little innocence. It's not like I'm a slut, no way. I am certainly not that kind of girl. I hate when men use women for their bodies and not their personality. But that's just me, boring old me. 

          After my head stopped talking to itself I realized I was going to do something. "Shit!" I screamed as I remembered I was going shopping with Luce. I grabbed my cute little animal purse, and ran out the door to my vespa hopped on and sped off. Hopping I wasn't too late.... or she'll kill me.  


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