Unicorn Facts

This is a book about unicorns, facts about them, from my personal experience, of corse!


2. What Unicorns Can Eat

What they can eat;

1. Wotsits (Please see the Movella 'How To Clean Your Unicorn' by C.E. O'Brien and T.Byrne, Chapter 3)

2. Napoleon Ice Cream

3. Rainbow Eggs (Easter Food)

4. Purple Bananas

5. Glow-In-The-Dark Glow sticks (Orange only, and only as treats)

6. Some Bird Food (If It Is The Only Thing Available)

7. Hay, Alfa

8.Mint (For Stomach Aches)

9. Smooth Peanut Butter (Unless they are allergic {my Doug is} then try Unicorn-Butter, it is JUST like Peanut Butter, but NO Peanuts! It did wonders for his coat too!)

10. Jelly (Strawberry)

11. Nutella

To Be Continued.....

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