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Being a upcoming star isn't exactly easy. You have to work hard, get noticed and of course, have talent. That's how Caitlyn Carter's life is, better known as CC. The funny, bubbly, stubborn girl from Manchester has finally been discovered, and is now desperately trying to get on the A-list. What happens when she finally gets her chance to shine, and a certain curly haired boy notice her? Is it true love, or is she just another victim of his game? Read and find out. :)


2. HUGE opportunity

 Caitlyn's P.O.V.


"It's Friday, Friday..."

I wake up to the oh so annoying song Friday by Rebecca Black. Geez, I hate that song! People are probably wondering, if she hates it why does she have it as a wake up alarm? Well.. My dear best friend/roommate Diana, put it on. I would change it, but I don't know how to. Yep! That's right, I don't know how to change my own alarm sound. Kinda sucks, but I've never been that good with iPhones (iPhone is some advanced goat cheese!)

*RINNNGGG* *RIINNNG* I touch the green accept button, and put the white iPhone 5 to my ear. "Yes?" My groggy voice says to the still unknown person. "Caitlyn, I've got a HUGE opportunity for you! Meet me in my office in 20!" My manager, Leah, says. "But.." I don't get any further as she pressed the decline button. Great now I have to get out of my warm bed. I honestly feel very bothered that I have to meet her on a Sunday at 10 o'clock. As I told you before Leah is my manager, she discovered me on Facebook singing covers and she claims that I have a great talent, that needs to be shared with the world. Don't get me wrong here! I LOVE singing and I really want to become famous, to be known, but it takes a lot of work to get noticed, you have to sacrifice a lot of stuff, but in the end everything is (probably) worth it.

I drag myself to my closet (like literally) take a pair of black lace undies to the bathroom. I strip off my PJs and step under the shower letting the warm water trickle down my body. After the hot shower I put  my underwear on, a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tank top with a pink oversized sweater with the Gucci sign on, on. I put my usual natural makeup, and let my gold brown hair fall naturally down in waves. I stare for a moment at my mirror reflection, letting me take in the sight of my appearance. My deep brown with a hint of silver eyes highlights my gold/brown hair, and makes my red plumb lips look filthy. People tell me I'm beautiful and have the best hair and blah blah blah.. But I don't see all that, I don't see a beautiful girl, I see a average looking girl that have too big of a nose. I used to be a cutter because of my low self a steam, but I got myself to stop and since then I've gotten a lot more confidence. I take my gaze off of my self and go to the kitchen and toast some bread, and lay a thick layer of Nutella(Nutella is god!) I sit down on one of the barstools and turn on the tv, I go to my favorite gossip channel E! As if on cue she starts talking about one of the boys I hate the most in my life! "Breaking news! Harry Styles from One direction, was spotted last night out with a different girl from the one last week! Are we talking player here? Find out more later" I groan in disgust as I hear it. I hate that Styles-boy! He's just such a womanizer! He think he can have anyyyy girl he wants, just because he's in some boy band.

I take a look at the time on my phone and see I have 5 minutes till' I have to be there! I quickly put my beloved black leather Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes on, and rush out the door in to my cream colored Fiat 500.



Authors note: Sooo.. here's the first chapter to my new fanfic:)) I know it isn't that long of a chap. but I just wanted to make the first chapter short;) just to make it clear! I'm NOT Going to stop writing on You left, I changed! I wasn't even supposed to make another movella yet, but the plot to this story just kept developing and I just had to write it down :* I will probably(geez, I actually write probably A LOT! Can't help it though love the word;P) focus on You left, I changed more then this fanfic, but I'll post weekly updates on this movella either way:D Peace out<33

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