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Being a upcoming star isn't exactly easy. You have to work hard, get noticed and of course, have talent. That's how Caitlyn Carter's life is, better known as CC. The funny, bubbly, stubborn girl from Manchester has finally been discovered, and is now desperately trying to get on the A-list. What happens when she finally gets her chance to shine, and a certain curly haired boy notice her? Is it true love, or is she just another victim of his game? Read and find out. :)


3. Do you accept?

Caitlyns P.O.V.

I'm sitting in a soft leather chair waiting for Leah to come. It's incredible! She asks me to come, and when I'm finally here she isn't! Garhhh! I look at her Pictures on her desk and see one where there is a Little girl and a hamster. I used to have a hamster named Cupcake, but i forgot to feed it for like 2 weeks. So one day I came home to look at it, but it was dead. Cupcake was shrunk and dry like an old raisin! Like Literally! A Raisin!

Okay, think they got it Caitlyn.

Hrmmphh.. Shut up.

You can't say shut up to youself smartpants.

Smartpants? That's the best you got, twat?


Ha! You don't have a good answer do you! Go Cait, Caitlyn wins.. WOOP WOOP! :D

I love these smileys :D


Okay.. I'm gonna stop.. :D

Okay stop Caitlyn.......................... :D

Stop! Anyways, as I was about to say before I got INTERUPTED.. Blaming it on the "better" me <:D I'm evvviiiillll, I should have a diploma saying, I'm really evil. More evil then Batmas rival! Coooll, it would be like having a cop badge because every one will be afraid of you. I so want that!

Sooo... back to my wonderful story, Cupcake looked like a raisin, and ehh.. yeah, a raisin. UH! I also used to have little lizards too! But my dad had to kill them because they were banging eachother ALL the time! It was like sex 24/7 for them! After they were killed I cried for like 1 whole week. Crying is actually quite exhausting BTW.

Maybe I should consider being a writer.. I bet that story I just told you changed your lives in many ways! Maybe I should consider it.. Hmmmm..

You should just stick with the singing

Oh! So you can talk, and why should I stick to singing. I'll bet loads of people would read my books.

Stick to singing, cuz there you don't have to use your brain.. that you don't have..

HUHH! I have LOTS of brain cells FYI.

Yeahh.. just shut up Leah is coming soon..

And just like that she enters the office. "hu-huh-ho-how" I stutter with my mouth hanging a bit, how did "Better me" know that? And before you ask, yes I named my conscience "better me". Even tho' I wouldn't exactly say better.. but.. yeahh..

"You okay Caitlyn?" Leah asks me weird

I quickly sit up straight and just say yes, "sooo the big news. that made me get up from my cozy bed?" I still feel annoyed by that. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wakes me up when I sleep. Diana learned that the hard way.. I kinda slapped gave her a okay big red mark on her cheek all day. But her own fault right? HeHe.. Uuups.

"You know that the MTV Awards are coming up(made that up), and guess WHO got YOU a chance to sing there.." She says quite excited, and was almost jumping up and down in her seat like a.. kangaroo! The only thing she is basically missing is the pocket in front of her stomach, where a baby kangaroo is supposed to sit. I love baby kangaroos they are so cuuuttteeee. Like a Little... pink bow.

Wait bow?

Wait pink?

Wait pink bow?

Where did that come from?

Anywayyyysss.. "I'm guessing you did.." I say quite excited too, tho' not jumping up and Down.

No. No jumping up and down, for me right now.

I'm going to save that for later..

Now you may be thinking, what's happening later? But you don't get to know yet..


These smileys are sooo cool.. <:D


.. <:D


Leah quickly says, "You're right! I did. The gig is this weekend, and since you just did a new single you don't have to do another song. The only thing we're missing is to inform your stylist, crew and Family  and then we're good to go!"

The only thing i really caught in that sentence was really that the gig was already THIS weekend. "This weekend!" I ask in a squeaky voice. "That... That.. I-I c-can't, Dianas birthday is this weekend.. and.. and.."

"Theres no and! I'm sure she'll understand. She is only turning what? 18?.. She'll have loads of other birthdays, but this, this is a one of a life time opportunity. If you want your singing carreer to work out you need to take this." Leah says strictly

"I..Ehm.. Can I think about it?" The questions are going through my head at once. What if I say yes and she'll hate me? But what if she wont hate me, and then I say no? Will I really let this grand opportunity slip trough my fingers this easily?

"There is nothing to think or even consider about. It's a yes or a no. They need an answer in like 10 minutes. Like really, literally 10 minutes. Do you accept?"

I think about it for a second -Maybe a bit longer- and take a deep breath and finally find my long lasti...

Oh, shut up and cut to the case drama queen. No need to make such a big deal out of it.. I mean in the end we all know what your answer is going to be.

hhhhhh.. Fine, I was just trying to make it a bit more dramatic.. but no, I'm obviously not aloud to do that....

"I accept"


I accept, i accept.

Those exact words kept going through my head over and over again, while I just sat on my bed staring at my purple wall full of pictures and memories.

I couldn't get myself to go out of my room, because I knew Diana would be sitting in the livingroom, and then I kinda have to face her. I know people are probably thinking how pathetic. But I can't make myself tell her that I chose my carreer over her. Especially when I don't know how she is going to react.

You know you did what was best for your carreer, your future. She'll forgive you. You could have chosen her.. You could, but you didn't, and there is no turning back now. So suck it up, stop being such a pussy and go tell her!

Your right I should tell her. She'll find out if I don't, and I want her to hear it from me.

Hell yeah I'm right. Now go.'

"Okay Caitlyn, suck it up." I kinda whisper to myself to make me feel better.

I feel a weight getting bigger on my chest for each step I take.

As I sit down beside Diana on the sofa, my voice trembles a bit when I tell her that I need to talk to her.

"Yep? What do you want to talk about? Is it my birthday party, because i was thinking.."

I cut her off by quickly saying, "I'm not going to be there for your birthday." While looking at my hands.

"Wha-what?" She says with disappointment and hurt clear in her voice. I slowly take my gaze off of my hands, which I just a second a go felt very interesting. I raise my voice and say it again, "Leah gave me no choice! You know how it is! It's a one of a life time opportunity, I can't just let that go. Leah told me either friendship or carreer. And.. And.. I just had to.." I find myself stumbling in the end, though it didn't really bother me that much.

"You chose to perform, on my birthday!?" Diana says now with hurt and a lot of rage in her voice.

"I-I'm sorry" I quitly whisper, but though loud enough for her to hear. "Sorry doesn't cut it!" She yells.

"I thought our friendship ment more then that" And with that she stands up and walks away.

What have I done!?

Don't worry she'll come around. Watch some tv -Pretty Little Liars- and relax. Forget about it all for one second. You've done nothing but sit on the bed and stare.

Okay sure.. Maybe that'll help.

So as you Guys can guess my whole evening was just me, tv and some Ben & Jerrys, Cookie dough. Guess I won't be jumping around anyways.


Authors note: Hey Guys .. how ya doin? Sooo.. Caitlyn finally got a opportunity to sing at a gig, and a big opportunity might i add;) But now Diana(Her friend) is mad at her. What to do? What to do? I promise that more will happen in the NeXT chapter. Okay, and I guess that's it. Love ya!:)

Peace out!<33


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