"Story Of My Life"

Fan Fiction about Zayn Malik.
Angel met Zayn malik at the first day at school.. She never thought that it will change her life.


1. "The Beginning"

Hi, my name is Angel, I'm 16 years old and I live in the UK. I'm not the most popular, I have a best friend her name is Haley and she loves the band one direction. She always digs me about them and I have to tolerate it. Tomorrow first day of school, I'm not excited to see everyone, rates - Single, tests, quizzes, papers.... not for me. I'm a bit excited about that five new boys to come to class I hope they are nice and not bastards, I hate bastards. - Morning - I got up, brushed my teeth, I made a ponytail, put on school shirt and short black Nike shoes and went into the kitchen eating cereal, and I watched an episode of "X Factor" TV until Haley arrives. Ah yes, my cousin Zack Wilson tested there with his famous band, but still I love this program! There was a knock at the door, I shut the TV I took the bag, iPhone keys and left. 

This was Haley, we hugged and we went, we talked all the way about the five new boys and after half an hour (yes we go very slowly), we got there. We came in and I told Haley go to secure a place while I take out things in the locker, Haley went and I went to the Locker in the middle of the hallway I tried to open but couldn't. I Tried again more slowly and again I failed I tried again and again and again and then the bell rang, now I got really Tried one more time As I see everyone rushing classes and locker is still not open!!! I got upset and tried to kick him hard kick and the locker.... Opened!!! Finally!! I took out my notebook I take pictures everywhere and especially in this school always boring so I am painting, I closed the locker and started walking towards the class, I went very quickly and suddenly came across someone.  "You don't see where you're going?" I was nervous; I took my notebook quickly and went to the classroom without looking. I got to class; I saw the teacher writes on the board about the Timetable, I quietly sat down next to Haley. Haley: good entry, she told me, laughing, I: Thank you, I smiled at her. Manager came in and said: Good morning students, good morning Nicole (teacher), as you all know, five new boys are joining to the class, and I'm sure you know them so I warn everyone who scream or behave similarly removed! Meet the new boys... Come - The new boys entered - Meet ... Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall. I looked straight at Haley to see her reaction, her mouth was open and she couldn't stop staring at them. 
Manager left and Nicole set the new place. Nicole: Liam and Harry, sit at the table at the end, Louis sit next to Katie, Niall sit by Liron and Zayn ... sit there - pointing to a table behind me and Haley -, Zayn: alone?, Nicole: Yes , alone. – Zayn sat behind us and Haley kept staring at him -. I: stop looking at him!!!, Haley: But ... but but I can't! He's so hot! Is perfect... Is... I: Yes, perfect ... whatever you say. Haley: he's not perfect?? Look at him! - She looked at Zayn like she's in love, - Me: Um ... yes. (NO) 

-The lesson was over- 
The break started , Haley hasn't stopped talking about them, I normally listened and Zayn interrupted us in the middle and said: you look familiar - and pointed at me. 

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