Bad Luck

I have always had bad luck. As i got older i got even more of it. It ruined my life and it still is. Gradually spreading into my future. It's even ruined my love life. How? i guess you'll have to find out.

16 year old Bethany has always had bad luck it had affected her life and her love life since forever. People at High school call her jinxed. Maybe she is, but maybe not. As she moves to a new higher class she is placed next to a boy that seems to want to be her friend. But is he planning more then she bargained for?


2. Moving On Up

Bethany's P.O.V


I sauntered down the hallways and down the creaky staircase that had been in the rotting house for 5 years now. The paint started to peel of the walls and there were tears in the wallpaper, this house was as depressive as my life. 


I packed my vegetarian lunch and threw my black rucksack over my shoulder slid out of the door and slammed it behind me. I hated this road it was way to happy and cheerful. It needed more clouds then usual and more black and grey. I'm a bit Gothic if you hadn't noticed. 


I took longer to walk to school today as i was meant to be moving to a higher class in my year, which meant more people would know me, to hate me and less friends with harder work.



I arrived at the school classroom door and slowly creaked it open to have twenty pairs of eyes gaze at me, one pair glare at me and one pair smile at me.

' Ah Bethany am i correct? ' A old balding man asked me as he pushed up his glasses as they were about to slide off his nose and onto the floor.

I nod as he carried on ' well you can sit next to Mr. Horan ' I sighed and walked over to my seat and pulled out my note journal.


I started to take notes as sir started gargling about DNA and Genes but the blonde boy with the blue eyes i sat next to wouldn't stop staring at me. Everytime I asked him to stop he just kept looking at me with a blank expression as if the words I was saying was just going in one ear out the other.

I sighed and looked at the many pages of my book, this was going to be a long day..

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