Bad Luck

I have always had bad luck. As i got older i got even more of it. It ruined my life and it still is. Gradually spreading into my future. It's even ruined my love life. How? i guess you'll have to find out.

16 year old Bethany has always had bad luck it had affected her life and her love life since forever. People at High school call her jinxed. Maybe she is, but maybe not. As she moves to a new higher class she is placed next to a boy that seems to want to be her friend. But is he planning more then she bargained for?


1. Intro

Bethany's P.O.V


I have basically had bad luck all my life. And its so bad now that at school they call me Jinxed. I hate it. Everyday i stare out of the window and see grey sky and rain, like usual. 

I stumbled over to the mirror in the bathroom and stared at myself. Black panda eyes that has smudged all down my face from where i had been crying. Black scruffy hair and pale skin with dry crinkled peachy lips. I hated the way i looked, i hated the way i dressed, i hated me. I hated my life.


I noticed a blade on my sink. Should i? I took the blade in my palm and angled it to point to my wrist. 

I inhaled deeply as i pressed the blade into my flesh and veins. Blood trickled down my arms and the blade and its sharp ridge ventured deeper into my skin and tissue. Tears seeped out of my sockets and rolled down my snowy cheeks.

I edged the blade out slowly and washed it under the tap but continued to stare at my red bloody arm. I stared into the mirror again and saw my skin fade paler and paler. I swayed over to the bed and stared at the ceiling. Blackness ebbed in, sweeping my consciousness away. Then i saw nothing.



I awoke to my mum crying by my side, Blood all over the carpet and my duvet. Why hadn't i died!?

I blinked sharply again and again to see if i was dreaming or not. 

My mum looked up in surprise.

' Bethany!, What were you thinking, you stupid child i was so worried about you! '

' That's a first ' i grumbled sitting up and looking at my wrist, bandages covered them.

I slowly unrolled the fabric and saw that the blood had stopped flowing out of my skin. Damn it! Why wont they just let me die already is it not enough to torment me! I'm sick of it now! I'm sick of life.


Great now i had school to deal with since the doctor said i'd be fine by Monday. Only being late Friday that gave my wrist plenty of time to heal. Great...(note the sarcasm)

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