Remember Me?

Raine Underwood has always been careful when it comes to love, but when she falls for the vaguely familiar stranger who works nearby, will she find everything she's looking for? Will she remember why she never let someone get close enough to break her heart? Or will she end up disappointed?


1. Prologue

It was a beautiful, sunny day when Raine Underwood began her new life at University. She was 18 now and had moved into student accommodation to start studying Art and Drama.

Raine was quite a pretty girl. She had long, blonde hair that fell in waves just past her shoulders and big, grey eyes. She had never had a boyfriend though. The reason for this was because she was simply too careful and had high expectations.

Unlike many beautiful girls, she was modest and hard working. Don’t get the wrong idea, many pretty girls are the same, but quite a lot make an exhibition of themselves, become two-faced or even allow men to do whatever they wanted to them.

No, Raine was almost perfect.

Of course, she had her flaws, who doesn’t? But she was a great girl.

But back to the story.

Her roommate, Olivia, was a great friend to her. She had short brown hair and green eyes. The two had been friends for 3 years, and they were as close as anyone could get.

Let’s not waste time talking about the duo unpacking their bags and going to lessons; the real story starts a few weeks later…

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