Remember Me?

Raine Underwood has always been careful when it comes to love, but when she falls for the vaguely familiar stranger who works nearby, will she find everything she's looking for? Will she remember why she never let someone get close enough to break her heart? Or will she end up disappointed?


2. Familiar Stranger

“I’m just gonna go get some more milk, I’ll be right back!” Rain called as she shut the front door behind her.

She jogged down the path to the corner shop and peered inside. The lights were on; that was always a good sign.

The bell jingled as she opened the door and headed straight for the dairy isle. Picking up two large cartons of milk she headed to the counter and put them down, adding a small chocolate bar for the way home.

A boy, about her age, began scanning the items and putting them in a bag. Raine found herself totally distracted by him! He had smooth black hair with a side fringe pushed out of his eyes and light blue eyes, like the sky in the morning. It wasn’t just because he was good looking though; she felt that this boy was somehow…familiar.

“So, do you go to the university down here?” She asked as she handed over the money.

“No,” He laughed, “got too many jobs to do.”

“Tristen, you lazy git! Go clean up that vomit in isle two!” A large, grey haired man called from the back room.

“That’s my cue,” He sighed, handing the bag over to Raine and grabbing a mop, “see you later, maybe.”

And with that he walked off.

Raine stared after him. Where had she seen this boy before? He seemed so familiar. She wouldn’t forget seeing this boy, even if it had only been a passing glance in the cinema or something. Even his name sounded familiar. She was sure that there were plenty of Tristens, but even so…

“Hey, kid, whatcha waiting for? Get moving!” The man called.

Jeeze that guy was rude! Raine stuffed her change in her pocket and walked out.

All the way home, she thought about where she could have met Tristen before. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t place him.

Was she really sure she had ever met him at all? Oh well, she would probably never see him again anyway.

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