All Grown Up

Belladonna Cartridge's boyfriend left her to go off to a all boys military academy in a small town in alaska and when he walked back into her life, she is met with a familiar face and wearing his cadet uniform. He is now a man and it is hard to accept that he is no longer a scrawny 17 year old teen that she loved since preschool. What will happen when she falls for him again?

Former name: Remembering him
Written: July 14th, 2013
Rewritten: April 10, 2017


1. Prologue

Belladonna is walking down the hallway with her sorority sisters when they came to a halt and bump into each other at seeing a man in a cadet uniform walking in their direction, saying something to them and walk on. "Hey Ladies." He said, leaving around the corner and Belladonna's bestfriend Lori squealed. "He is so fucking hot." Lori said, fanning herself with her AP chemistry homework. "That's harry, he is back. His sergeant said he died in a middle of a gunfight when a girl sneak in him and turn the gun on him when he was in his boxers, going to the bathroom." Belladonna is hyperventilating and her words came like a kid wheezing when he is having a asthma attack. "Oh shit, you serious. Wave him back over here. We can show around and give him a good tour of the large campus." Lori said and she look like she had hearts in her eyes, staring after him. "Harry." Lori whistle and Harry apparently heard her because he slowly but cautiously walk back around the corner. "We will be happy to show you around...well we can show around campus and have coffee at the campus coffeehouse named Pherial's coffeehouse. Would you be up to it, hanging out with us girls as your tour guide?" "Yeah that'll be cool but first things first, can i ask you who you girls are?" Belladonna decided to say something before Lori or the girls could respond. "Hi Harry styles." Belladonna said," Belladonna Cartridge." She stating her name when he looked at her confused. His expression turn from pure confusion to slackjaw shock. "Bella." He said, breathless and raspy. She lost it and run out of the school, crying. So much for being confident when she saw him return from military school. "Shit." She mumbled when Harry ran after her. Take the short cut through the field behind the old high school. Her mind whispered. Ugh, this gonna be fun. She just hope her mind is guiding her to making the right decision. She stop and realize that her mind set her up because this is where they escape to when they wanted to hide from their bully Ersol, a girl that was too toxic to touch and too evil to exorcist by a priest. She felt harry hugging her hard from behind and she just stood there like a deer not knowing what to think. "Bella, my Bella oh how i miss you so." He murmer into her ear, his forehead resting on hers. Belladonna closed her eyes and let harry rock her slowly, everything start slipping away as she drift away to a peaceful world of calm bliss.
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