Seirra was just a normal high school junior with her best friend Paige .one day at a party everything about Sierra and Paige change .

'Hey girl' Paige said in a shanaynay voice .'sup'. She looked so excited 'y so down'.im so alone '.ok so how about this ,we go to mark Taylor's party tonight'.O.MY.GLOB NO,yes or no. Of course yes '.Mark Taylor is one of the popular hot guys in the school he's #2 of hotness.ok TXT me after school .kk girlll' she said .yaya shanaynay





Well she did look beautiful what can I say her hair was strait and she had a beautiful dress and face and everthing .it was the whole package.wheen we opened the door there we lots of people dancing to a slow song .i just stayed with seirra because I only been to a party twice and it wasn't fun a all.she grabed my hand . What was she doing the song wasn't even slow it was a pop song.she stopped in the dance floor and started dancing . What was i sopost to do  WELL NIALL DANCE WITH HER U DING ~ DONG .my knees started bouncing and I grabed her hand and twirled her around a few times .then I closed my eyes and opened them and she was gone. Where did she go .i looked around and I saw her with harry.' IM JUST PISSED AT HARRY RIGHT NOWW AHHHH'. I walked up to her and danced with her i branded her tomy seat. To sit down.

' Why did u leave me I was scared seirra.i said super unpleased .'i ..I..I saw harry by him self and I felt bad and I started dancing with him.oh ok.

lisen every one it's time to play 7 minuets in heaven. Yes fianally.' Put an idem in the had boys'.i put something she would resets lip stick I grabbed her perse looking for her lipstick . I put it in the hat and off it went. It was Paige's turn.she had a comb I knew who it was .' Who is this idem belong to' the host of course . It was zayn.

7 minuets llater

zayns hair was messted up. Nexted was seirras turn.i crossed my fingers.' Whos idem is this .mine I said .she was already in the closest or small room.i walked in she sat down so did I.'what u want to do ' she said with a smirk.i don't kn was all i said.she got up and gave me a hug and said thank u for taking me with u to the party u dance really good niall' she said.i did I don't even go to party's that much' I said .she was surprised.u want to dance again but don't worry it will be better than befor ' she said with a smirk. She grabbed my hands and put them on her hips she put her hands around my neck.she moved her hip with the melody of the song that was playing.i was scared that I was going to mess up . I felt her hip bones pop every time she move her hips.she turned around and got close to me and took my hands and tapped them around her stomach like we were hugging just that she was turned around. I twirled her around and we got close.i leaned in and gave her a kiss .a good 10 sec.i looked at her i gave her her lipstick she put it on and kissed me on the cheak.' Ha it left a stain' she said.' I don't care' I said playfully.2 minuets .i kissed her again it was amazing I didn't want that moment to end but it had to .' Quick seirra mess up my hair' I said fast .she did and it wasn't that bad my hair I messed up hers to. The night ended with me and harry having a fight and of course I won for my girl.i walked back to her place with her .it was super late.we got inside and we watched a movie .'  

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