Seirra was just a normal high school junior with her best friend Paige .one day at a party everything about Sierra and Paige change .

'Hey girl' Paige said in a shanaynay voice .'sup'. She looked so excited 'y so down'.im so alone '.ok so how about this ,we go to mark Taylor's party tonight'.O.MY.GLOB NO,yes or no. Of course yes '.Mark Taylor is one of the popular hot guys in the school he's #2 of hotness.ok TXT me after school .kk girlll' she said .yaya shanaynay




'WHAT TO WEAR WHAT TO WEAR UGHH' I said to PAGIE .ok look we are going to the shop down the street to get u a dress and accessories .' NOO to far .'ok ill go by myself then'pagie. Said .

~~~~~5mins later~~~~~

'There i got u a lace drests with so bage flats'pagie said.i got up and gave her a huge hug and made her some chefboyardee .'what are u doing now seirra' PAGIE said . ' ur fav of course because u are the bestfriend in the univese I love u girl'I said with a smile. We hugged again.


so who are u going with to the party PAGIE I asked excited because I new the answer and she knew i know who. 'ZAYN MALIK' SHE SAID SUPER LOUD .' AHHHHHH' we both screamed while jumping up and down like crazy.


'Pagie it's him get ready' I sAid without screaming.she came down with the same dress I had on but in pink with body glitter and white eye showdown like mope and had the same flats like me. I mad her put light pink lipstick on then she open the door.

hello beautiful lady's he said while kissing Paige's hand. I knew what that ment.come on every ones waiting at the car . We walked in and I saw liam, louis harry and Niall.great it was 5 boys and only 2 girls they couldent get dates like most people .i came in and sat next to my Nialler of course .he looked fit .he had a blue shirt on the same as my dress and wore black slacks .he gave me a kiss on the hand .'hello love u look very beautiful 'he said in his best accent .well um... Thanks niall but I don't look that gre 

thats a lie u look prettier than zayn  ' he said .'OHHHH'. every one said .zayn stopped the car and got out .he opened the door for me and Niall .when we got out he slapped niall in the face and said dont ever say that again even though she dose look better then me.' Hm' is all i could say. We got inside and ....


haha cliffhanger .

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