Seirra was just a normal high school junior with her best friend Paige .one day at a party everything about Sierra and Paige change .

'Hey girl' Paige said in a shanaynay voice .'sup'. She looked so excited 'y so down'.im so alone '.ok so how about this ,we go to mark Taylor's party tonight'.O.MY.GLOB NO,yes or no. Of course yes '.Mark Taylor is one of the popular hot guys in the school he's #2 of hotness.ok TXT me after school .kk girlll' she said .yaya shanaynay





I can not wait to see her beautiful and wonderful face again. It was 12:35 .i was a little late but fashionable late .i saw everyone at the table laughing a step harry cracked a joke . I got so mad  but then I saw harry next to her that got me pissed .i saw them the whole time while I was getting lunch talking .then when I was walking to the table I saw him put his arm around her .oh no that's it .

i sat down next to louis .'hello Ni why so late . I looked down at my food not caring about what he said.i looked at him then looked at harry and seirra .he new why I was sad/mad now.' Harry can I speak to u for a moment ' lou said i whispered to Lou ' thanks lad'.seirra smiled nd looked at me. She shot up and   Sat next to me. ' I'm sorry it was harry I didn't want to sit next to him please don't be sad ' she whispered in a soft tone.she put her head on my shoulder. I caught a shiver through my back up my spine. I knew what that ment .it men's something bad is going to happin. ' So are u going to marks party guys ' her friend said . Um yeah  of course '  zayn said starring in her dark brown eyes I could tell he was falling.hello Ni I'm PAGIE seirras best friend nice to meet u ' she said like a bissnusse lady .' U to ' I replied . 'PAGIE my house today k' seirra said fast and deep.i got up and threw my tray out and walked out of the cafeteria.i saw Lou and harry I came up to harry with my fist and slapped him in the face .' See u at marks party ' I said and walked away.lou was surprised because he never saw me so mad befor .i say back at the table and talked to Sierra about her and PAGIE . Me and her have alot in common.cant wait to see u tonight lad .'oh .....ok ' she said in a said tone .why was she sad i said to my self . 




i was so sad when he called me lad I thought I was love not lad .well since he's going to the party I have to look my best for him or else.


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