Alternate Endings

All credit to Fightstar both for the cover photo and the title. Go check out their album Alternate Endings (2008) and all their other stuff! However, the story has absolutely no relation to the band. I just rather like the album-cover, and it's actually what inspired me to start writing this. Fightstar's music didn't make it harder though;)


3. Turns out badly

About half an hour later we arrived at the police station. I had been cuffed ever since we entered the city.  


"So... When exactly is my trial?" I asked.  John looked at his watch.


  "Half an hour ago kid." He answered. I was speechless and just glared angrily at him.  


"I don't know why you're angry at us. You're the one who broke the car." Steve said.  


"I didn't break it. You're just a bad driver." I replied. Steve pulled me to the right.


  "Court is this way, so let's just get him there and leave him with whoever is on duty." I quietly followed. It seemed like the best thing to do. Meanwhile I could plan my court appearance. I didn't have much time. We were just a few hundred meters away. I was just going to burst in and tell them my demands.


  "Kid, when we get in there. Do not speak unless spoken to, okay?" Steve said rather seriously.


  "Why? Can't I just plead guilty and ask them for my demands?" I answered.


  "No. Don't do that. Judge Grantum is on duty today." Steve replied. I looked at John who seemed rather scared. Then it hit me.


  "Judge Grantum as in the Red-Iron Handed Alchemist?!" I yelled. I couldn't believe it. My plan was perfect already, and then I was to meet one of the greatest living alchemists. That's practically the same as if... Well I'm not really sure what it's like... I guess if a little boy met his favorite superhero. Just Grantum wasn't my favorite... But he was up there! Steve and John both looked confused at me. They seemed scared of the man, and I seemed like a little girl about to meet a rockstar. Ah! That's a good compairison. We went through the first door to the waiting room. After a few minutes, a guard nodded, and we entered court itself. It was huge. We walked up to the stand where judge Grantum sat right infront of. A giant amongst men with long dark hair, and an awesome beard, that made him look so cool. I just stood speechless infront of him, smiling like a little girl in love.  


"So... This is Mr. Nanners who is acused of starting a forest fire and scorching a farm's earth and thereby ruining the crops. How do you plead?" Judge Grantum asked me.


  "Guilty sir. I mean, your honour." I answered.  


"Well then. I would like to know exactly how you started the fire, and scorched the ground. No ordinary fire does quite that."  


"With alchemy of course. A rather simple transmutation actually, but well, you know that." I replied.


  "With alchemy... Hmm..." Grantum looked to the rest of his judge panel. "Well that is quite unfortunate. You as an alchemist should have know much better than to do such things. I hereby sentence you to a jail-time of three years!"  


"Three years?!" I said shoked. "The maximum time ever sentenced for a forest fire is 6 months! Even with the 50% added time penalty a judge can enforce, this sentence maked no senes!" I yelled.  


"Officers! Take this man away! And don't ever let him have anything to draw with!" Grantum yelled, as i was dragged away. I tried resisting but it was useless. John and Steve were still standing infront of the judges. Only now did i realise, that they actually looked rather shoked. They were talking with the judges, but i couldn't hear what they said. They seemed to be argueing with them. Well. It wouldn't matter. I blacked out when we exited court. I remember where we went and the fact that my mind was just running wild, but i can't remember what i thought about or anything else. Suddenly I was just at the prison, being excorted to my cell. It was probably late, and I was extremely tired, so instead of looking around i went straight for the bed. It was terrible, but it had to do.  


What the hell am I going to do now? I had 9 months planned as a strech, but 3 fucking years is just mental. I'll try to come up with something tomorrow. Sleep is way too tempting.
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