Alternate Endings

All credit to Fightstar both for the cover photo and the title. Go check out their album Alternate Endings (2008) and all their other stuff! However, the story has absolutely no relation to the band. I just rather like the album-cover, and it's actually what inspired me to start writing this. Fightstar's music didn't make it harder though;)


1. The End

I knew exactly why i had scorched the earth. I just pretended not to. Hopefully it would free me from their questions. I just had to keep moving forward. No matter what, i will find a loop.  


The world is officially founded by the idea of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Officially that is. I know that there's something more. Something that allows certain people to break such rules. A loop, cheating the common universe. I want to cheat the gate that the scholars and alchemists all talk about, as the truth and an almighty power.  


The police took me away from my family. They had arrived a few minutes ago, and they had been told, that i had started the fire. The forest fire wasn't planned, but it was a nice demonstration of how life flows. Nothing is ever two sided. There's always a third.


  I didn't struggle with the police. They were just doing their part, and i needed them to do so. I went into the back of the car, and sat down. I was cuffed. One of the two officers sat down by me. Probably a standard procejure. Why wasn't the driver getting in? I was getting annoyed. I began tapping my foot, and shaking my leg. Another minute went by.


  "Could we just get on with it?!" I screamed out the window. Jezz. How long could it take? I don't have forever!  


The other officer finally opened the door. He had been standing there for ages! He sat down, and turned on the engine. Well... He tried... The goddamn thing wouldn't start! I screamed angrily.  


"Jesus kid, could you keep it down?" Asked the officer by my side, while the other got out to see what was the matter with the car. I glared angrily at him.  


"Hey John, get out here will ya? I have no idea what's wrong with it."  


I sighed. I got the piece of chalk i had been hiding in my pocket out. I drew a circle with a pentagram inside it. A standard transmutation circle, drawn in the car. Shouldn't be a problem. I put my hand on the circle, and did my magic. A light swallowed the car, as i transmuted it. The engine just had a loose connection... I might as well modify it a little.


  I finished my transmutation, and the two officers rushed inside and grabed me.  


"Relax. I just fixed the car so we could get moving." I said carelessly. They both looked confused at me.  


"Fine i guess..." Said the driver, and went back to start the car. He put in the key. He turned it.  


"Well... It sounds alright." He said as the car hummed quietly. "Right, of we go" he continued. He pressed the speeder, and we accelerated rapidly, much faster than a usual policecar.


  "What the hell!!" Screamed John. "Slow the fuck down Steve!"


  "I'm barely pressing the speeder!" He screamed back. I began to smile.


  "What the hell have you done with it kid?!" John screamed at me. I sat completely calm.  


"I just tuned up the engine, so we would make up for the lost time." I answered.  


"You fucking brat!" Steve yelled. I could see, that our narrow road was coming to a sharp turn. I hadn't really thought of that, but no problem. I would just transmute it through the corner. I looked to my right where i had drawn my circle. The circle was broken... Fuck... The car began to tilt.


  "Well, it might not have been that smart." I said, as the car fell of the road, and we crashed. Luckily, we had missed the huge boulder and hit the lake instead. It made for a much nicer stop, than the rock would have. I kicked upon the door to my left, which was still free of the water. The car was lieing on it's right side. I got out, and helped John out as well. Steve had gotten out by himself. 


  The two of them looked at eachother, and than nodded. They turned their heads' towards me. I'd best get out of here. I turned to jump in the water, but as i jumped, they grabbed my robe. I came crashing down, back to the sinking car. My head went under water, and my forehead hit the car. Didn't hurt much luckily. They pulled me up, and threw me in the water.


  "Why the fuck did you do that?!" I screamed at them, as i surfaced again. They jumped in, and began to swim to the shore.  


"We're tired of your shit kid." Steve said, as he got out of the water.  


"Don't you think I'd rather be in court by now?" I muttered.  


John sighed, as he helped me up.


  "Let's just get going shall we? It's going to take a while."


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