Alternate Endings

All credit to Fightstar both for the cover photo and the title. Go check out their album Alternate Endings (2008) and all their other stuff! However, the story has absolutely no relation to the band. I just rather like the album-cover, and it's actually what inspired me to start writing this. Fightstar's music didn't make it harder though;)


2. And a Beginning

"I am so boooooooooored." I moaned.  


"Shut up kid." Steve replied, just as negative as me.


  "Are we there yet?" John asked hopelessly.  


"No..." Steve answered.  


We all sighed. We had been walking for what seemed like ages. My feet hurt.  


"Hey. Kid?" Steve hesitated, but continued. "How did you start that fire?"


  "And 'fix' the car?" John continued.


  "You two don't know?" I answered surprised. They both shrook their heads. There probably aren't that many alchemists out here, but they should have heard of them. "Well, I'm an alchemist." I continued.  


"A what?" Steve replied.


  "An alchemist. Jezz Steve, pay attention." John said.  


"Fine John, what the hell is a alchemist?"  


"I don't know. Ask the kid."  


"No you do it."


  "You're the one who wanted to know."  


"Well so do you."  


"I can hear you, you know." I interrupted.  


"Sorry kid." Steve replied.


  "So what is an alchemist." John asked.  


"Alchemist are just people who have learned the art of alchemy, just like bakers have learned the art of baking." I answered. They both looked at me. They clearly thought I was being stupid and a dick really. Well, i kind of was. "Alchemy, on the other hand, is what keeps this world together. It is about equaliant exchange. An eye for an eye and so on. Alchemy uses that theory, to change." I paused. They probably wouldn't understand the actual process of alchemy. "To change one thing, into another." I continued. "For example, I changed the temperature of the earth around me, and thereby started the fire. I also remodelled the car's engine, using the parts already in place, to give it extra power."


  "So... Alchemists... Are basicly... Gods?" A confused Steve answered.  


"Well, we can't make anything out of anything. And we can't make something out of nothing. We are still bound by certain laws. But I wouldn't mind being your god!" I smiled victouriously. John bashed me on the head.


  "You're not our god kid." He said unamused.  


"Yeah, some god you would be. Being in cuffs." Steve continued.  


"Hey shut up! There's a reason why I'm here." I replied.  


"Yeah. You're a pyro-maniac, who wants to see the world burn." Steve answered.  


"Hah! No. I lit fire to the ground becaused i wanted to be arrested." I replied.


  "Sure you did shorty. You know, all the maniacs say that." John said.  


"I'm not short!" I yelled angrily.  


"Maybe not for your age, but compared to us... Well, time might make you taller." Steve said. "How old are you anyway?"


  "15." I replied.  


"And you're that small?! I'm like a head taller than you, and I 'm the shortest guy at the station." John said.  


"Just... Shut up!"  


"Are you sure you're not suffering from some sort of disease that practicly makes you a midget?"  


"I'm not a midget!" I screamed.


  "Only people with half a brain would set something on fire." Steve said  


"Not if he had a plan."  


"A half man with half a brain. Fits perfectly well with you I'd say." John nodded.  


"Aren't officers supposed to be fair and just?" I asked angrily.


  "It all depends on the prisoner, and with one as uncobtrollable and wild as you, we can more or less do what we want." Steve replied.  


"And you're a kid, who do you think they would believe. A criminal insane child, or the two police officers who captured him?" John asked. He was right and it pissed me off.


  "You know, I'm begging to hate you two, so let's just get this over with." I muttered. They both laughed.


  "Don't worry kid, we wouldn't want to spend more time with you than nessesary." Steve smiled at me.


  "But also, we totally love you kid." John said sarcasticly. We reached the top of a hill.


  "Aaah finally, the city. We're about a 20 minute walk away now." Steve said. He seemed rather pleased with himself.


  "I could probably get us there much faster." I muttered.


  "Perhaps, but we don't really trust you with anything." Steve replied.  


"Why not? It's perfectly sa-... Well it's not perfectly safe, it's relatively safe."  


"Exactly, it's not safe." John concluded.


  "Fine. Let's just hurry up, so I don't have to be with you two more than nessesary." I sighed.


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