Who am I?


1. 1

Another one that died,

In the evil flames,

Another young girl,

Perished and ashamed,

Another murder,

With fatal consequence,

My life was no blank page,

Not until I left,

And started again,


This time I couldn't die,

And it filled me with glee,

The endless murders I did commit,

My victims could not flee,

How can you flee from something you cannot see?

Who am I?

I started to wonder,

Am I like the rest?

This can't be the case,

As they wear halo's on their heads,

So why do I slip through the shadows,

Like a flickering flame.


Every time I saw a victim,

Halo on their heads,

I remembered of my deed,

How I made them dead,

Did they even know?

Sometimes I forgot,

That I am a Psychopath,

With history pages long,

I sometimes forgot I was dead,

Reenacting life,

A pleasure that kept me thinking,

I would not leave just yet.


I wonder what life would be like,

Had I not taken the path,

Of a killer,

With revenge on her mind,

What am I?

What was the revenge for?

Who am I?

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