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Celine Taylor is a girl; popular, good looks, clever, daring, thoughtful and kind. There's only one problem - she's forced not to be interested in love. Blake Dowson is a guy who's creative, funny, caring and understandable, loves writing, cats, and most of all, Celine. Even when they start becoming more than friends, Celine still doesn't know how to tell Blake that she is forbidden to be with him. When he gives up his opportunity to go to a university and goes where Celine is, does she change her mind? Is it really worth the sacrifice?


6. Chapter 6: Lies


*Celine's P.O.V*


Neither me or Blake exchanged looks for the next couple of days, and it really hurt me. Every time he walked near a girl I wondered if he had asked that girl to the prom. My grades just got worse and worse every day, my mum would seriously freak if she found out. But I didn't really care at this point. I really didn't. 

I walked through the corridor with a few of my friends, and then noticed Blake walking towards me. As he walked passed me I heard him mutter "slut" under his breath. I looked around, and my friends were at least five metres behind me. No one else was surrounding us, so he meant it to me. What the hell?

I sighed, and walked on. Why is life so hard?


It was Thursday night, one night before the prom, and I lay on my bed crying and crying. I felt like a little baby, but honestly I didn't give. I pressed shuffle on my iPod and the song that came up was 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia. After the chorus I burst into tears again. Why do songs always express how I feel?

I sank into my bed covers and sobbed until my face was literally bright red. My head was throbbing uncontrollably. 

After a while I couldn't help myself but text Blake and ask if he had someone to go to the prom to. I spent ten minutes thinking about what I should write. I finally came up with an idea:

'hey wondering who your going to prom with? :'('

I decided not do add my initial 'C' like I always do, as he doesn't like me. Wait. He doesn't, does he?

Moving along to the rhythm of my hands shaking my phone vibrated, and I squinted to see what he wrote:

'No one as a matter of fact. Have fun with matt, will u? I know ur trying to make me jealous, but actually idgaf.'

I read it about 100 times and i was still confused. Instead of texting him I called him and he instantly replied with his cute voice.

B: "Hello?"

C: "Hey Blake" I said with my voice cracking.

B: "Have you been crying?"

I could feel his empathy, so I just said:

C: "mmmh"

B: "Why?"

C: "Because everything's going wrong at the moment."

B: "But what about Matt? He says you are really excited for the prom..."

C: "Look. Who the hell is Matt? I'm without a date and everyone is making me jealous."

B: "But..... But - but Matt said..... No. You're joking right?"

I burst into tears again.

B: "Look, C. Are you sure? Because -"

He paused and I sniffled.

B: "Because - Celine Taylor, do you want to go to Prom with me?"

I then just literally squealed.

C: "Um... I'd love to!"

B: "Ok then. Bye!"

C: "Bye," I said smiling. 

Ok, well, maybe life was good.


I arranged to meet with my friend Alysson to go to the mall with her and her mum in one hour to buy a dress for the Prom. Unlike all my other friends at school, she's homeschooled like I was, and she was born 31 August, just like me. Ever since we were little everyone called us 'the secret twins.' It's kinda weird, but we like it.

The reason I wanted her to help me pick a dress for the prom was because her mum was a dress designer and she had the best taste for dresses. I'm not a dress type, but there was a stupid rule that girls have to wear dresses and boys have to wear suits to the Prom, so here am, getting ready.

I didn't have much to do for that hour; I don't wear make up and I always leave my hair out, so I just walked into the kitchen and saw my mum there. She was smiling widely, like usual. I love my mum so much, she really means the world to me. She is fine with literally everything except boys, which is quite annoying, but I'll cover up that I'm going to Prom anyway.

A knocking sound erupted so I jumped up and jogged to the door. Alysson and her mum stood there grinning, so I greeted them, said bye to my mum, and we all walked in the car.


We arrived at the mall and went to the first shop we saw which could have a cute dress for the Prom. A white one caught my eye, and soon caught Alysson's. It was a dress which puffed out on the bottom, sequined on the waist and it had silver lines on the side of it. It was breathtaking.

"C, try it on," Alysson gasped.

"Kay," I replied casually, but I was actually in complete awe.

I took it to the changing room and slipped it on. My mouth fell open of my appearance. I knew Alysson and her mum were going to like this, so I opened the changing room door and twirled around.

Their jaws dropped and their eyes were wide. They didn't reply, so I asked, "Don't you like it?"

Alyssa's mum shook her head quickly, and said, "No. This is amazing. Buy it!" 

I looked down on the price tag and noticed it was 750 dollars. This is the most expensive thing I've ever bought, but, I had to take it. It was my mum's credit card anyway. 

Eventually I paid, and we all drove home.


I was admiring my dress in my room when my mum walked in.

"Hey C! What's that beautiful dress for?"



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