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Celine Taylor is a girl; popular, good looks, clever, daring, thoughtful and kind. There's only one problem - she's forced not to be interested in love. Blake Dowson is a guy who's creative, funny, caring and understandable, loves writing, cats, and most of all, Celine. Even when they start becoming more than friends, Celine still doesn't know how to tell Blake that she is forbidden to be with him. When he gives up his opportunity to go to a university and goes where Celine is, does she change her mind? Is it really worth the sacrifice?


4. Chapter 4: New Neighbours


*Blake's P.O.V*

I was the one who finally picked up the last piece of rubbish, and everyone sighed with relief and then cheered. Mr Nelson said we should go home, so I started walking towards my house. I couldn't believe what just happened with Celine - I really wonder what she was going to tell me. I really have a crush on her, but then again all the boys in my class do. Even the ones with a girlfriend. What will my mates think if I tell them? 

I trudged along the pavement, listening to music on my iPod. I hummed the tune with my eyes half closed,  but when the song finished I noticed a figure walking a few meters in front of me. It was a girl with an extremely familiar walk. Celine. Before I could shout her name she slipped into a driveway, the one now with a huge 'SOLD' sticker stuck across the sign in front of it. I just realised where she lived. 62 Parkinson Street. And I lived in 60 Parkinson Street. We were neighbours. Just what I needed. 

I ended up running to my house and when I slammed the door behind me, I ran upstairs and opened my laptop.

"Blake? Blakey, are you home?" a voice said.

"Yeah, mum," was my only reply. Seconds later she walked in my room and pointed to a rectangular lump in her pocket.

"You got another text from that 'C' girl. Is she your girlfriend?" Man, she was so nosy. 

"Actually, as a matter of fact, she's not my girlfriend," I spoke.

She replied instantly. "Then why did she send you a text saying....." She took my phone from her pocket and said in a high voice "hey it's C i was hoping you could come over to my house for dinner with your family because we are neighbours. see you soon! xxx"

Instead of saying 'xxx' she said "kiss kiss kiss". I snorted, then explained to her what was going on but all she said was "Nonsense Blakey. We are going over to her house tonight. C's mum called me before you came home anyway. Now go get ready." She left the room without any more instructions. I looked around and thought of what to wear nervously. I wonder what C  would like me to wear. Well, she wore new clothes that were latest in fashion, so I should too. But which ones?.

I walked outside of my room and shouted, "Mum! what do  I wear?"

"You never ask what you should wear. She is your girlfriend! Admit it!" she yelled back. "And wear your nice new checkered top, black jeans and vans." I nodded and threw on those clothes. 

I walked to the bathroom and figured I couldn't do much, so I quickly gelled my hair up a bit at the front and washed my face under the sink. I walked out and mum and dad were there.

"Ooh, look Steve, Blakey's trying to look his best for his girlfriend!" Mum cooed. "I'm NOT," I said and sent her a glare.

I walked right past them and ran to my room. My phone beeped and I checked it:

'hey it's C cant wait to see u soon xxx'

I brought it with me and shouted to mum that we should go. Our family are not people that are on time, but I made them come a few minutes early so we won't be late. We rushed out of our house and knocked on their door. 

Immediately the door opened and a small lady smiled at my parents, peered at me, and then smiled to my parents again. I began to get worried.


*Celine's P.O.V*

I went out of my room and came to the door.

"Well, come in," I spoke, and they stepped inside the house. Blake looked cute in a checkered top and jeans, but I hope this polka-dot dress suited for this occasion for me. Blake's mum looked at me up and down, and then smiled directly at me with her green eyes, which looked so similar to Blake's. I beckoned Blake to come with me, but my mum stopped him, and looked at his mum.

"I never knew you had a boy," she spat. Then she looked at Blake.

"What school do you go to?" she snickered.

"Charleston High. I'm in Celine's class," he replied, and I could tell he was really nervous. Why, why, why did my mum hate boys? I don't have a father - she adopted me so boys were never in her life. Blake stepped forward in my direction, but my mum put her hand in front of his chest.

"Come to the table. Celine, go to your room and finish your homework." 

As they sat down I gave Blake the 'T' sign with my hands, meaning to ask to go to the toilet, and then I scurried towards it. I could hear Blake asking to go, and a couple sentence later, he reached where I was.

"Hey," I breathed, pulling him towards me.

"Why does your mum hate me?" he asked. Instead of answering, I kissed him.


*Blake's P.O.V*

Sparks started flying in my stomach. Nothing felt better than this. When she let go she whispered "you should better go back" and I walked back towards the table, and we started our meal silently. I didn't even care about C's mum, I really could not feel happier at the moment. I walked back to the kitchen with the greatest feeling in the whole world.

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