Pencil & Paper

Celine Taylor is a girl; popular, good looks, clever, daring, thoughtful and kind. There's only one problem - she's forced not to be interested in love. Blake Dowson is a guy who's creative, funny, caring and understandable, loves writing, cats, and most of all, Celine. Even when they start becoming more than friends, Celine still doesn't know how to tell Blake that she is forbidden to be with him. When he gives up his opportunity to go to a university and goes where Celine is, does she change her mind? Is it really worth the sacrifice?


2. Chapter 2: Wish


*Blake's P.O.V*

I woke up and looked up at the ceiling, and I rested there for a minute. I counted to ten, like I always did, and jumped out of bed lazily. I landed shakily and walked over to my dirty cupboard and grabbed the first things I saw. I checked my phone and I saw 12 texts. Wow. I feel popular. Before I could check them I smelt something amazing. I walked downstairs and asked what's for breakfast. My mum rushed over to me and gave me a big hug. At this point I was really confused.


My 10 year old brother ran to me and gave me a hand made card saying in really big letters "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." Oh, it's my birthday. I grinned.

"Thanks guys."

I could tell that this day was going to get better, but I didn't know how. It was just a feeling; everyone was in a really good mood. Sam was playing on his playstation happily, my dad was humming contentedly and even my cat Jax was purring on top of Sam's feet. My mum was singing as she took the bacon and hash browns out of the oven and I sat in my usual seat playing with my knife and fork like I was a little kid. I smiled. Birthdays were always exciting. My mum walked over to me with a plate filled with my favourite food; bacon, eggs, hash browns, baked beans and roast tomato. I hugged her and then started on the fried egg. I was eating a mouthful of it when dad walked in singing and carrying an armful of presents. He lay them on the table and waited for me to open them. I quickly finished my meal and opened the first one. I unwrapped it and saw it was a book, 'A Complete Guide To Write Professionally.' I hugged him and said 'Thanks!!!!" I grabbed the next present, and soon found out it was a huge assortment of lollies. Awesome.

As I unwrapped the last present I held it up and my mouth gaped in surprise. A black kind of... I stopped dead in my tracks. A laptop? Yeah, a laptop. My very own laptop. My parents aren't really rich, so they must have saved up a lot of money for this.

"Blakey, this is if you want to write a book, to help you with your writing, instead of always using pencil and paper."

I couldn't speak for a moment, I didn't know what to say.

"I... Thank you. You are the best parents in the whole world."

That was all I said. I mean, this was my dream, the thing I wanted for my whole life.

I just didn't know what to do. I was stunned. This birthday could not get any better than this.

I walked upstairs with tears filled with joy running down my eyes. Sam looked at me like I was crazy, but then noticed. He backed away with shock - like me, he was surprised. When I opened the door to my room I moved my pads and books and sat my laptop carefully on my desk. I checked my phone and scrolled through the first message:

'happy birthday blake!! xxx love from auntie jane'

and the next few:

'happy birthday mate hope u have a good one'

'hope u have a gr8 day blake!!'

'happy birthday x from C'

I looked again and nearly choked on my raspberry twister. C as in Celine? How did she know when my birthday was? I thought for a moment but couldn't make out how she even knew me. She didn't notice me at school at all, but she sent me a text, which meant she did. But how?

A knock on the door interrupted me from my never-ending thoughts. I lay down my phone on the polished wood of my desk and said "Come in!"

My mum walked in and said, "Tme for your cake Blakey. Your favourite!"

I then ran down the stairs and saw a massive chocolate mud cake lying there innocently on the kitchen table. "Oh, thank you so much Mum!"

My mum placed seventeen candles on the cake and took a while to light them all, but I was excited to eat the sweet delicacy (I called it that since I was little.)  My family then started singing to me, and the fact that they were all so horribly off pitch made me laugh. When they finished, Sam whispered "make a wish!" and so I closed my eyes.





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