This story about Harry and interesting Elena's life.


1. Chapter 1.

Past :

-You will be here for only 3 months after the summer, we pick up you from there and you go to school. Ok? - Said Mom
-Okay, just promise, don't forget about me! - i kissed  Mom In cheek And hug my teddy bear.
Behind More Hours At Me Came Woman with dark brown hairs and red skirt.:
- What are you waiting for? Forget about toys, and go wash clothes! - I thought that there was a summer kindergarten, no its not. 
- But i'm a little girl and i can't wash and do what big people does, And my mom said that there is kindergarten   - i huged my tedy, name Jery.
- Your mom liar, this is children's homes who don't have parents. - she rolled her eyes.
- But i have parents!
- No you don't
- Yes, i have!
- Whatever, do what i say. - she grabbed my arm and extend into the yard, where many children have worked.
Suddenly i fell into the icy water. 
- After your bath as soon as you run to bed to sleep, tomorrow waiting a difficult day! - waved a finger and went into the building. 
Sending shivers ran my body, water was very cold. I did not have the strength to swim, i can't swim, because i don't know how to...
Mouth was full of water, which did not allow me to breathe I started coughing until I finally usurped the icy water. White color, show in my eyes and then... i hear the voice.
- Girl! Wake up! Please! - I open my eyes and saw a boy with a tear rolling down his cheek. 
- I'm okay , -  I said breathing deeply, and took grasped his shirt.  - Can you take me to the shore?
- Sure! - the boy was very happy, why? I don't know.  . .

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