On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright


1. Characters:


 Age: 14

 Hair: Dirty Blonde

 Eyes: Brown

 Height: 5ft 2

 Likes: Horses, music, Chinese food, Supras, Vans, Converse, flowers, October mornings.

 Dislikes: Animal cruelty, high heels (with a few exceptions), horseflies.

 Position: Main character



 Age: 33

 Hair: Blonde

 Height: 5ft 9

 Likes: Horses, dogs, music, ballerina flats, Summer, art.

 Dislikes: Animal cruelty, insects, reptiles, crows.

 Position: Ally's mother

  Age: 34

 Hair: Dark brown

 Height: 6ft 2

 Likes: Horses, hamsters, music, tracksuits, Spring.

 Dislikes: Animal cruelty, cats, make up.

 Position: Ally's father

 Age: Around 5

 Colour: White - Of course, every horsey person knows that there's no such thing as a white horse but there's no other way to describe her coat.

 Height: 16 2 hands.

 Likes: Nothing so far...

 Dislikes: Everything so far...

 Position: Ally's mare

 Position: Where Ally's family lives.

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