On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright



5. 4:

 Ally ducks under the flying hooves, throwing her arms over her head. She backs away as the mare continues to fling herself around the stall. Ally whimpers as a hoof catches her arm. She's trained herself not to cry out when she gets hurt; it'll spook the horses.

 She quickly bolts the door and looks at her arm. It's bleeding and a bruise is already forming. "What did I do?" she says aloud, walking to the tack room for a bandage. Tears roll down her cheeks from the pain.

 She keeps trying with the mare, but every time she does the same thing. Ally eventually gives up and begins to work with Snowy. At least he seems glad to see her. He snuffles her face as she tacks him up.

 She rides him around, not letting her mind wander. She jumps him for a while, then leads him in and out of a horse float. Once he seems happy, she feeds him a carrot and grooms him for an hour. Snowy was one of her favourites; he was just so sweet.

 When Sandi comes, Ally quickly pulls her sleeve down to hide her bandage. If Sandi saw, she wouldn't let Ally work with her. "Hi," she smiles. "How was he today?"

 "He jumped a metre in the small arena. And he was fine in the float. I think he's ready to go," she says sadly. when each horse was cured they had to sell it or return it to the owner. Ally always hates that part.

 "Did you work with the mare?"

 "She has a lot of spirit. She freaked out a little when I went in... She's going to take a lot of time."

 "Be careful with her. Tell me if she does anything." Ally knows what Sandi means, but she decides to keep the mare's behaviour to herself. "Don't forget to clean the tack."

 Reluctantly, Ally goes into the tack room and takes Snowy's saddle. Then Butterfly's and, finally, their bridles.

 Her hands are cramped by the time she finishes and she goes to soak them in warm water. She puts lavender oil in, the scent relaxing her.

 She slips into the house to call her best friend. She needs to work with Rose. The cherry bay mare came to be backed and they are just beginning to bring her out onto the trails, but she spooks if there's not another horse.


 Who wants to be Ally's bestie?? Describe your personality and I'll pick the best suited. :)

 I actually have a headache and writing is making it bad. Sorry this chapter's bad, I'm still a little sick... :(

 Thanks for reading... :) <3

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