On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright



4. 3:

 Ally jumps out of bed and runs down to the yard. "Get up to the house and have breakfast!" Sandi laughs walking after Ally who sighs and walks back to the house, flanked my her mother.

 She wolfs down two slices of toast and goes back to the stables. "You're going to want to spend time with the mare, so do all of the other horses first. She's not due to be fed for three hours, anyway. They feed the horses later than us, so we'll have to change that by five minutes a time."

 Ally begins to muck out her horses' stalls while they eat. She tacks up Butterfly, a skewbald show jumping mare who came to them because of her bucking habit, and leads her to the main arena. She bounces lightly into the saddle and taps the mare's sides with her heels.

 She takes her over the course she did with Snowy yesterday, except this time the jumps are a metre ten. Butterfly picks herself over the jumps and swishes her tail. Ally gives her a pat and decides to take the course backwards.

 She turns the mare towards the upright and pushes on. Butterfly flicks up her heels over each obstacle and canters around the course once more before Ally pulls her to a walk. "Good girl," she smiles, giving the mare a slappy pat on her brown and white neck.

 Ally walks the pretty mare around for a few minutes before taking her back to the stall. She took her time with the mare. "You're one of my favourites. I don't want you to go." Butterfly nudged her gently, her ears perking forward.

 "Ally? Will you prepare Honey for travelling. His owner's picking him up in two hours."

 "What? Why didn't you tell me!?"

 "They just rang now. I told you that he's going soon. Honey, all of the horses have to go." Ally storms to his stall and begins to groom him. Soon, she's calmed down completely. Honey fits the big gelding perfectly. He's so sweet and gentle.

 Soon, all seventeen hands of Honey is shining. She leads him out into the sunshine to wait. It's too warm for him to be wearing a rug, but she ties his tail guard on. His floating boots are Velcro, so they only take a minute to put on.

 Ally begins to do a running plait in his mane. By the time his owner's horse float is pulling in, she has his full mane plaited. "Honey!" Barbara, his owner, calls, running over.

 Honey whinnies, his whole body shaking. Barbara throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. Honey looks so happy. "He looks amazing," Barbara compliments, finally letting her horse go and stepping back. "His muscles are so big and he's so shiny. Aww, you did a running plait. It's so pretty. It's almost a shame to put his rug on."

 Ally likes the enthusiastic, bubbly woman. "He's a really good horse. He's amazing at cross country, now. Falls can knock a horses confidence so much."

 "I can't thank you enough. I was so worried about him. It got to the point where I couldn't eve hack him because he'd spook at walls."

 "He was amazing to work with. One of the easiest horses I've ever worked with. He's just so sweet."

 Ally throws the cream rug over his back and does up the buckles before putting on his floating boots. "Goodbye, boy," Ally touches his neck. Barbara smiles at her, leading the horse up the ramp. Honey trots up, looking excited.

 While Barbara talks to Sandi for a few minutes, Ally goes to the grey mare's stall. She slides the bolt open and the mare jumps to the back of the stall.

 "Hey pretty." Ally walks slowly towards her, her eyes towards the floor. The mare stamps a hoof. Ally stops and stands there, but the mare has had enough. She goes onto her back legs, squealing with rage.


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