On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright



3. 2:

 The silver jeep pulling a horse trailer pulls into the drive and Ally puts Snowy back in his stall. She gives hims  pat and follows her parents to where the jeep's parked.

 "Is this Willow Wood?" the driver asks.

 "Yes. I'm Sandi O'Sullivan. I own the yard. Is that the mare?"

 "Yep. Be careful with her, now." He opens the side door and unties the lead rope. Ally hops from foot to foot as he leads the mare out. She has a light purple rug on and matching leg and tail wraps. Ally smiles as she realises that the head collar and lead rope are also matching.

 "This is her. Who's taking her?"

 "I'm going to look after her," Ally says, stepping forward. The driver gives a concerned look but doesn't protest. He hands the lead rope over.

 "I know I've said this already, but be careful. She's not had a good past."

 "Thanks. I will. Poor baby." Ally smiles as the mare looks at her. She strokes the dirty forelock and leads her to the hitching post. After tying her up, she takes everything off the mare, bar the head collar. Stepping back, she admires the mare.

 She's filthy with sores and she's skinny, lacking muscle. But there's no doubt that she's well bred and has good conformation. Ally grabs a brush and begins to groom the mare, talking softly to her all the time.

 It takes hours to get all most of the dirt off and by he time Ally's finished she's exhausted and famished. "I can't clean you any more without washing you," Ally mumbles, stroking the mare's neck.

 Ally's parents take care of her other horses so she could keep working with the mare. Ally leans her arms on the mare's back and put her head down. The mare snorted and dropped her head slightly.

 "You're like a dream horse," Ally smiles, leading the mare to her stall. "You're so white under all the mud and sores."

 She roots around in her pockets, looking for a mint. She pulls one out and holds it on her palm, showing it to the mare. The grey lips it off her hand and stands, crunching it. She lifts her muzzle and breaths out on Ally's face. Ally smiles, patting her neck.

 She walks back to her house for dinner. "How is she?" Damian asks.

 "Great. She's got great conformation and she's pure white. She's really friendly so far, as well."

 "Okay, enough talking. Eat up."

 When Ally goes to bed that night she dreams of the beautiful grey mare.


 I know it hasn't gotten better yet, but it will in the coming chapters. :)

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