On The First Page Of Our Story The Future Seemed So Bright



2. 1:

 Ally slides the bolt closed on the last door and walks towards the main arena where Sandi is riding Snowy - a gelding that came to their yard to overcome his fear of enclosed spaces - around a course of jumps.

 "How's he going?" Ally calls.

 "Watch." She smiles as her mother rides him around. He looks happy, his ears perked forward as he approaches each jump. They're only small - about eighty centimetres - but it's the fact that he's jumping happily in an arena.

 "He's going really well," She smiles, climbing the gate and walking in.

 "He was so easy to train. He's so smart. I don't know what could have made him afraid."

 "Is he going soon, then?" Ally asks, stroking his hot neck. He's only 14.3 hands so he's quite small. Sandi's too big for him but Ally was to busy to ride him and he needs to be ridden everyday.

 "I'll keep him another week, just to make sure. Do you want to ride him?"

 "Yep.  I'll only do the course once then cool him down." Sandi dismounts and takes off her helmet, handing it to Ally.

 She bounces into the saddle and pushes him into a trot, settling into his paces. She canters him around twice before turning him to the first jump.

 "Good boy." She pats his neck and unties his head collar, letting him into the field. He canters a few strides then drops his head to graze. Ally watches him for a few minutes before walking away.

 "Ally?" Sandi calls.

 "Yeah?" Ally asks jogging to the office.

 "We have a new horse coming. A Camargue mare. She's sixteen two. Er, she's been abandoned but they've run out of room. I want you to look after her because Jerry left yesterday so you're one horse down."


 Hey, sorry this chapter's short and crap but it will get better, I promise. :)

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