Your worst nightmare

a detective story to sink your teeth into

5. 5

“Come on Dan, move it!” said Butch trying to get passed him. “Come on Butch now think of this what if im not really me and that me did a certain some thing that may or may have not killed a lot of people!” he said trying to confuse Butch.


“What?” asked Butch. Then Dan pressed a button on his watch that made a big alarm go off.   “Beep beep beep!” went the alarm. Then Daniel fell to the ground. Butch lent down next to him “!” whispered Daniel trying to tell Butch some thing. “Dan where’s Peek?” asked Butch.


Then he pulled of the necklace that was around his neck. As soon as it was off his eyes went a normal shade of orange and the green disappeared. But then he stopped moving and blood poured out from his mouth.


“Dan?” called Butch as he stood up and grabbed the necklace. Lou walked over to him and pulled on his trousers. “What?” he asked patting Lou’s head? Then he realized what the alarm was saying “self destruct in 20 seconds!


“Run!” he said as they got up and made a break for the exist as they ran though the base the room they was just in caught light and Dan and Hans were left in there. As the flames raised and pushed their way through the door Butch grabbed Lou and made a leap out of the door just as the door exploded behind them.


As they looked back there was a huge flame soaring up setting light to the grass. Then they ran back to the car and slammed the door behind them. As they drove off Butch said “it wasn’t Dan, this necklace was controlling him just like the one that was found in Natasha’s house, and the one on Hans so the Bile was a decoy!”


As they raced on in there fancy fast car Butch tried to call Peek and see if they could find him. But then some one answered “hello sorry Peek isn’t here at the moment Butch please try again!” laughed a female voice.


“Hey who is this?” asked Butch recognizing the voice. Then there was a short silence

Then they heard a yawn. “Well it is I, and who is I, well you will never know because you won’t live to know!” laughed the voice.


“Muha ha ha ha!” she continued to laugh as Lou and Butch looked at each other confused as to what was going on. “Who are you? Answer me!” yelled Butch trying to get an answer from this mystery girl.   “Your worst nightmare!”




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