Your worst nightmare

a detective story to sink your teeth into

4. 4

Then they arrived in Denmark at Hans’s secret under ground base and they pulled up out side it. As Butch opened his door he could see a filed with a small metal square shape in the middle of it.


As they approached it Butch looked over at Lou and said “now you stay here, it could be dangerous, now if im not back in...  Within the next hour then I want you to go back to HQ!” he said as he pressed a hidden button on the ground with his foot making a stair case appear underneath him.


Lou looked at him sadly. Then he ran back over to the car and sat in the driver’s seat and watched his master disappear down the stares. As he walked down the stairs Butch reached for his magnum just in case anyone was going to jump out on him.


He entered a huge hall with curved up walls. As he looked around he spotted Hans who was lying on the ground with blood seeping out of his mouth and the red staining his white hair and he seemed to be wearing a nice necklace. Butch kneeled down next to him “ok well he’s been poisoned so it wasn’t him?”  Said Butch confused as to who the villain was.


Meanwhile in the car Lou was relaxing, when his nose twitched he could smell a bunch of people were heading strait for him. As quick as a flash he leaped out of the car and ran for the stairs. Knowing that he was being followed he continued to run and go and help Butch.


As he ran into the room barking like a mad dog with rabies, Butch turned to look at him “I thought I tolled you to stay in the car!” said Butch as his friend hid behind him with his tail between his legs. Just then Butch stood up to see that there were around five other men standing by the door.


There was a big fight many punches and guns being fired as if it was war. They fort like cats and dogs.  Then one man has a go at Lou but the beagle took a big chunk out of him then Butch used a chair to knock him out. “Well that’s all of them” he said.


 But it wasn’t Lou who started to growl at someone. As Butch turned around he saw Peek who was smirking at them. “Hay Lou stop growling its just Peek!” ordered butch. But Lou ignored him. “Well that was a nice show then wasn’t it?” he asked not sounding at all like Peek and he had a green glow in his eyes.


Then Lou ran forward and ripped a part of Peeks arm, but instead of seeing flesh and bone Butch saw robotic parts underneath it “oh well done dog!” he said pulling off

A mask to show who he really was. “Daniel?” said Butch surprised as to who he had discovered.


 “So you were dressed up as Peek all along, then where is Peek?” asked Butch. Then Lou started to growl at him again. “Oh shut up you!” yelled Daniel as he kicked Lou like a foot ball and sending him flying across the room. “Hey!” Yelled Butch rushing over to his companion. Don’t try anything Butch!” said Dan blocking his way.



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