Your worst nightmare

a detective story to sink your teeth into

3. 3

So the both left the room, but just as they exited the room Dr Crestino on purposely dropped a small tracking device and gave a smirk as he left the room.


Meanwhile in London Butch and Lou were on there way to find Zelda. The eventually found a small fortune shop, were you could buy dream catchers and find out your fortunes. As they pulled up next to it they spotted in big glowing letters the word psychic written on the small brown door.


They then entered the dark room and found a young man with dark brown hair that was sitting at the counter. Scarcely he leaped out of his seat not noticing that he had customers.


“Oh sorry we didn’t mean to scare you!” Butch apologized as the man sat back down on his chair. “Oh that’s ok im Josh, How may I help you?” asked Josh as he put down his book.


“We are looking for Zelda, it’s important!” said Butch. Then Josh pointed to a door at the back of the shop, which had red beads hanging from the top of it. “Ok thanks!” said Butch but then Josh noticed Lou “em, no dogs in the shop sorry” he said looking at the dog.


 “Well Im afraid that Lou comes everywhere with me, and don’t worry he’s house trained so he wont make a mess!” said Butch as he continued walking to the door with Lou and not listening to Josh.


 As they entered the room they saw a small table in the middle with a crystal ball on it. “Hello Zelda, its Butch?” Butch called out. Then they sat by the table and then like lightning Zelda magically appeared behind him “hey you!” she said as she sat down opposite him. Her hade long blond hair and grey eyes and Chaos he pet snake was curled around her neck.


“It’s been a long time Butch I haven’t seen you since year 11!” she said looking over at him. “Yeah I know, now tell me what you think of this!” said Butch pulling out from Lou’s backpack the Bile and handing it to her.


“Oh yes this is mine, I sell these in my shop!” she said looking at the Bile. Then Butch looked around and saw that she had a whole box full at the far end of the room. “So can you tell us who you sold it too?” Butch asked Zelda.


 “I sold this one to Mr Tinkels” she said passing it back to Butch. They looked at her confused!” “Oh no I have another one you know him as Hans, you rival!” she explained. “You gave it to Hans?” he said surprised that she had given it to his enemy.


“Ok well that sorts it, its Hans lets go get him!” he said as he and Lou bolted out of the room like lightning. “Bye!” said Zelda knowing that the probably couldn’t hear her.




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