Your worst nightmare

a detective story to sink your teeth into

1. 1

Like a greyhound Butch sprinted across the roof of the building, dodging the

Satellites and the aerials. He was a tall man with blond hair and gold eyes, very buff and hidden robot leg and a metal plate in his fore head. As he turned his head to look behind him, he saw the sky scraper with the walls entirely made of glass.


Then he kneeled down and pulled out from his backpack a pair of black glasses with green lenses. But they weren’t ordinary glasses the were spy ones, the kind that when you look through them you can see through walls and read information about things.


As he scanned the building he zoomed in and saw a bomb. But then he spotted that it only had twenty seconds left. So he grabbed his phone and called his side kick.

“Quick, the buildings going down, code 546 I repeat code 546!”  Ordered Butch.


Just as a green glow appeared around him, the building behind him exploded, the glass shattered and the ground shook. But just before the shock wave could hit Butch,

he vanished.


After a few seconds he reappeared in his house just out side London. “Thanks Lou!” he toled his side kick. “Well I don’t know who made that building blow up, do you?” asked Butch scratching his head. But Lou shook his head.


But just before Butch could even sit down after a long day of fighting evil, an alarm went off. “! Beep beep beep!” went the alarm. Then a TV screen appeared on the wall. “What’s up Peek?” asked Butch the figure on the screen. The figure was of a short man with spiked white hair and green eyes. “Well you know all of the problems we have been having with all of the murders that we have had this week? Well add another to the list because lased night Natasha was killed!” explained Peek.


Then Butch looked at Lou “not Natasha she’s my daughter in law!” said Butch angry but upset. “Well I need you and your companion to go and stop and put an end to this madness!” ordered Peek as he folded his arms. “Yes sir!” said Butch.


“Were counting on you we don’t want any one else to get hurt, Peek out!” continued Peek. Then the screen vanished. There was a silence for a couple of seconds. But then Lou decided that he should sneeze to break the silence.


Then like lightning bolts they ran out of the house, and then screeched to a Holt. “What car should we take? I chose last time, so you choose Lou!” suggested Butch as he looked over at his companion.


Then Lou trotted over to the Audi e-torn spyder hybrid concept car and sat next to it. “Ok we will take the spyder!” said Butch as he walked over to the car and pressed a button on his watch that made the doors automatically open.


As he hopped in Lou started the car and Butch started the hyper drive that sent them soaring off like lightning.



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