War Cry

She didn't understand why it was her who the drunken man, pushed into one of the general's dragon traps. Why was it her who got stuck at the bottom? Why find she find the door, leading to the most well kept secret?

But there was one thing she did know; there was a reason why she was pushed into the pit. The drunken man was part of it but it wasn't his doing. It was not the doing of a living being.
Only the Elders of the Scaline race, (another more known name with the foreigners), knew what it was that caused, Aqua Walker to fulfil her destiny, a little earlier than thought. Of course, what they didn't know was, two foreigners, on the run, also knew of this. These two had known for a while now. They're names were, Robert Saunter and Kinsley Saunter.
Aqua Walker's journey has just started. So has Robin Saunter's, their son.
The war is raging between the Dragon People and the Foreigners. Can those two bring peace and fulfil their destinies? Will they use the crimson diamond for good?


3. Chapter Two

A/N I'm not very happy with this so just bare with me.


Chapter Three


Robin POV


She's on the move! The dragon girl. I should've made her notice me before so we could've get out of here together.


Crawling back, she kept her eyes on the two leaders. She slipped into the tunnel without a sound. It looked like she had done it before. Obviously, she would. She's part if the dragon army and only the best get into it. An annoying part of my mind snapped. I had to stop her before she got out, without me.


I saw a few rocks, scattered around and grabbed one, aiming for the candle in the middle of the table, where the two were staring at each other, lovingly. Resisting the urge to throw up my insides, I threw it, from a different angle, from the dragon girl's direction to be exact, and a satisfied smile creeped onto my face, when the two jumped up, startled.


They twisted their head around and she has been found. Their faces showed pure shock. They stood there for a few seconds before realisation and disbelief was plastered into their faces. They scrambled up and lunged at the girl.


Now it's my turn to make an appearance.


I sprinted to the direction the general was running and stuck my foot out. He tripped head first onto the stone ground. It was quite childish but the only thing I could think of. Turns out the invincible general isn't as invincible as he sounds.


I scanned the room for the dragon girl but she was gone. So much for keeping low profile. I'll be going to the dungeons for sure. I was grabbed, painfully from behind and shoved onto the floor. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was the sound if my head hitting the ground, hard.


Aqua POV


I crawled through the tunnel and back ino the pit. Wait... This isn't the pit.


It's a... Tree.


Where am I? I'm lost. Great, just great!


So much for keeping low profile. That idiot! Who was he? He could've let me go but no he had to go and get himself caught and nearly get me caught too. The general saw me. I can't go around like Aqua Walker anymore. From now on, I'm Adrian Wager. That boy was a foreigner. What was a foreigner doing here? He could ruin my plans! I'm going to win this war no matter what. No-one can stop me.


He's probably got caught. Oh well. I shrugged. Serves him right for trying to get me caught. I pulled my brown wig out of my pocket and tucked all of my hair into it. First off I'm going to find out where I am. Then I'm going I find my father and tell him of the betrayal. We'll make an army and go against everyone and then we'll rule all of the kingdoms. I would be a hero.


The foreigners would fall at my feet. General Canyon would envy my power and ability. The dragon people would look up to me. That is my ambition and it's coming true real soon because I won't let any little thing get in my way. I'm the best and you won't get any better.


Hopping out of the tree, I twisted my head around, taking in all of the details of the area surrounding me. Strange, it doesn't look anything like Airaclya or Varyin. Perhaps it's one of the more secluded parts. Turning on my heel, I started walking in the direction if the lamps in the streets.


Little did she know, that her journey would take much longer than she first thought.

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