War Cry

She didn't understand why it was her who the drunken man, pushed into one of the general's dragon traps. Why was it her who got stuck at the bottom? Why find she find the door, leading to the most well kept secret?

But there was one thing she did know; there was a reason why she was pushed into the pit. The drunken man was part of it but it wasn't his doing. It was not the doing of a living being.
Only the Elders of the Scaline race, (another more known name with the foreigners), knew what it was that caused, Aqua Walker to fulfil her destiny, a little earlier than thought. Of course, what they didn't know was, two foreigners, on the run, also knew of this. These two had known for a while now. They're names were, Robert Saunter and Kinsley Saunter.
Aqua Walker's journey has just started. So has Robin Saunter's, their son.
The war is raging between the Dragon People and the Foreigners. Can those two bring peace and fulfil their destinies? Will they use the crimson diamond for good?


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

Aqua's POV


Hiding behind the red rock, I spied on the two people, sitting and discussing something. When I first lay eyes on them, I couldn't stifle my gasp, and they heard me. They had looked around the cave but found nothing, I had even stopped breathing for a second.

I was scared. Nothing could scare me more than this. Those two had kept their secret well but now it's out in the open. They're dangerous and have power. They can do anything to me, with a click of their fingers so I have to think this out.

I have to think this out properly because the two most powerful people in the war are sitting right there, unaware of my presence. They were General Canyon and Queen Trinity. The leaders of both armies.

General Canyon was my inspiration but now I just feel pure disgust. When I had seen him fight, I was in awe if his ability, now I know he's a cheat. He is the ruler if the Dragon People, but I guess that's not enough.

Queen Trinity is the queen of the foreigners, and now I feel a bit of sorrow for them. Their queen is betraying them and they don't know a thing about it; But this is also a way if winning the war. We can use this against them. Nothing can stop us now, not even their petty little queen.

I can see it now; War cry.


Robin's POV


I stared in shock, after what I just heard. This is unbelievable! They are actually planning this! Never would I have thought that General Canyon would betray his people!

Everybody knew one day Queen Trinity would deceive us. I for sure knew this for a fact but once...once she was different. She was loving, caring, thoughtful. Everything she isn't now. Nobody knows wt happened to that part of her. Perhaps it was just a role. A role she had to play to gain the old king and queen's trust. Then to take over their crown and rule the kingdom alone.

I know a lot of things, that should, for now, be kept a secret. I might need it in the future but right now, I need to stop this.




"Oh, darling. You shouldn't have!" The old hag, gushed. "We could have all we want, once we get rid of our...problems," she added, whispering the last words as if it was the most important thing in the world to get rid of.

"Anything for my princess," said Canyon, rubbing their noses together affectionately, making me want to gag.

They picked up their quills and started writing down what I thought was their plan. Those to together?! That was never one of my many suspicions, including Jasper, my best friend, stealing the home-made cookies Ren made, especially for me.

"Shall we discuss the plan one last time, before we put it together?" Suggested The General. Yes let's... I thought, impatiently, waiting for them to reveal their plan to me. It was definitely something bad. Why else would they be here?

"We stir up chaos between the two races, killing the people in the Kingdom of Variyn, leading to the rest of Scalines' getting angry and making the war better then it has already become," she started, grinning evilly, her eyes boring into the Geberal's face as he carried on.

"Then during the war, we kill all of the residents of both kingdoms, whilst the men are away fighting. Killing all those defenceless women and children," he sneered, smirking evilly.

Rage grew inside me, and I was sure steam was coming out of my ears. Right then and there, I wanted to rip his head off. Killing women and children?! What kind of insane monster was he?! What was the outcome of killing innocent people?

Killing innocent people also includes killing innocent Dragon People, but what do we do about it? Added a deeper part of my mind. It was right. What did I do about it? Nothing. I will now, though, but first I have to stop this madness.

"We kill everyone. Then we breed our own minions!" Shrieked the old had, laughing like a mad woman.

That was they plan? Breeding their own race? A race with no free will? They really are monsters.

End of Flashback


I was about to crawl back through the wooden door, when something interesting caught my eye. It was a girl. A dragon girl no less. She had pitch black hair and emerald green eyes, glimmering in the torchlight. I'm surprised no-one has noticed them yet. She had a perfectly sculpted nose, with a few freckles scattered on it but there was one thing that stood out. Her beautiful Aqua scales. There was one one her neck and one on her right cheek. They had different shades of blue put together in one, making them more magnificent than they already are.

Wait...a dragon girl with armour on? Why is she wearing armour? They let women fight? I shrugged. Well, that's new. Women aren't all that defenceless are they?

Definitely not Ren. She could beat the face in, of anyone and she doesn't care who it is, either way. Although she's 65, she's in great shape, for a gran.

I'm not leaving yet. This girl could know the plan. And I might need help stopping it.

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