One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


14. Tori and Liam

I was on twitter  when I saw a competition where you commented a little information about yourself and one direction themselves read them all and pick a girl to go to Australia for a concert and stay with them for a week... I entered it even though there are 224869 other girls entering I put away my laptop and had a nap in my comfortable bed 

"VICTORIA GET DOWN HERE THIS SECOND!!!" My dad shouted he called me Victoria not Tori which meant I was in trouble 

"Tori what does this mean I got a letter with a ticket to a one direction concert and a plane ticket to Australia" ... I won the competition is showed my dad the competition argued for half an hour I showed him again argued for 10 minutes me and my dad go upstairs to pack for Australia 

*just got off plane in Australia *

I had no idea where to go until I saw Liam by the coffee hut Liam saw me too and came up to me 

" your Tori right?" I can't believe he recognised me 

" yes, so where do I go" I asked and Liam took me too his car and we got in he put the radio and Kiss you came on me and Liam were singing at the top of our lungs when the song finished I turned to him "so why was it picked to win" I asked 

" we looked at your Page and saw you are really funny and you seemed cool" I smiled the biggest smile and blushed a bit too but all of a sudden I heard clicking noises and bright lights appeared 

"hide your face before they get any more pictures" Liam whispered when we finally got to the house I checked my phone and all over twitter was a picture of me and Liam and a caption saying 

Liam Payne and Mysterious beauty.... Liam Payne is no longer single.

Liam obviously saw it too and started to write  

Her name is Tori and unfortunately she is not my girlfriend.. But I stopped him before he posted it

"unfortunately?" I asked half knowing what this meant 

"yeah you are so funny and cute I have been following you on twitter for a while" 

"well then" I took his phone off of him and changed the tweet to 

Her name is Tori and she is my new girlfriend.. I hit send and Kissed Liams cheek I spent the rest of the day with him... And I loved every minute of it 




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