One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


22. Sameerah and Harry

4 years ago I was bullied by everyone I only had a few friends until one day when I was at home watching the t.v when my mum walked in 

" Sameerah I know you are struggling in french so I got you a tutor" she smiled oh great I thought I finally get out of school to be rewarded with more school 

"he will be here any second" my mum walked off then the doorbell rang and there he was the one who doesn't talk to me and tries to stay away from me Harry Styles 

" Hey Sameerah where do we go? I am your new tutor" he smiled he seemed sweet and kind I led him upstairs where we studied for a bit but I needed to ask him something

"Harry asked why do you ignore me at school but seem so nice outside" I had to ask he looked at me and took a deep breath 

" I ignore you so I am not forced to bully you I don't want to bully you because the truth is I love you and wouldn't want to hurt you " we were both turning bright red I didn't think I lent in and kissed him softly but it got heavier until he pushed me on to the bed 

" Stop!"I said before anything else happened I didn't want to loose my v plate at this age. 

"I am so sorry" he said we sat down and talked instead he said he was entering the x factor he sang a little for me than he went home....

Now your probably wondering what happened to us after that what's going on now? Well I can happily say me and Harry are still together intact we have a child on the way and we are getting married but that's a different story...

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