One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


7. Rabia and Harry

I was in my brothers car he was taking me to his house but the sun was shining right in his eyes he couldn't see and he smashed into another car.I woke up in hospital "she is awake!" someone shouted 

"who are you?" he asked I looked up it was Harry Styles 

"Rabia where is Jack?" I asked my memory coming back

"is that your brother?" Harry asked 

"yeah" I answered 

" he isn't awake yet he will be in a coma for a few weeks" 

I took a deep breath 

"what happened" I asked 

"Your car smashed into mine I have been told to look after you until your brother is stable" Harry looked at me thinking I was going to cry but I am strong. Me and Harry talked we got on really well he is so funny he was telling me stupid jokes and stories and we got to know eachother after about 2 hours I was head over heels for Harry with his cute dimples and curly hair

But I was so tired so he took me to his house where I fell asleep instantly... I was woken up by Harry talking "Rabia do you want to go swimming" he asked 

"yes please" 

The doctor had given me my suitcase from my brothers car so I had my swimming costume when we got there I was really thirsty so I got my purse out to buy a can of coke when a man asked me to change his £1 for 2 50p coins but Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled me away "why are you flirting with that guy" he asked

" I am not he asked for change" I protested 

"its an excuse to talk to you"

"no its not" 

" of course it is have you seen yourself your beautiful and you have the best personality"

"really" I blushed 

"yes look Rabia I can't argue with you its impossible" his lips touched mine I kissed him back it soon got  very heated I hadn't done this before I liked it but I chickened out and pulled away

"I am so sorry Rabia I guess you hate me now I shouldn't have done that" Harry said looking at the floor 

"No I was embarrassed I haven't kissed anyone before" my cheeks going red as I said it 

"don't be embarrassed everyone has to have their first kiss... Do you want to start over?" 

Today I got my first kiss...




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