One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


2. Maggie and Niall

I woke up after the worst weekend ever My boyfriend cheated on me with some girl from my collage BUZZ my phone went crazy it was from my boss Mindy 

From Mindy Hey Maggie I am so sorry but Jane is ill today would you mind covering her shift 

From Maggie Ok I will be there in an hour 

Don't get me wrong I love working at the cafe but this was my day off I said I would do it because maybe it will get my mind off of Mark (my ex) so I slumped out of bed and got in the shower letting the hot water wash my pain away then I dried off and put my black jeans and blue top on with blue converse then dried and brushed my short blonde hair I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I needed to get my pink highlights re-done I looked at the clock and quickly jumped into my little blue car. Soon I arrived and I walked into the little cafe 

"Maggie thank you so much for coming in on such short notice" Mindy smiled she wasn't just my boss but she was a family friend 

"no problem I better get my apron on see you later" I went off to get my apron once I had it on I walked into the main hall where there was a guy about my age in a cap he obviously didn't want to be seen 

"Hello I am Maggie what can I get you" I smiled I have to act cheery but then 4 other guys came in and sat next to this guy they looked up they looked familiar 

"Hello I am Niall" he said his blue eyes piercing through my skin he was cute 

"and I am Liam"

"I am Zayn"


"Louis " They all introduced themselves when 

"Maggie can you come here please!!!!" Mindy screamed I sighed 

"one minute" I said and ran over to Mindy 

"that's one direction in my café I can't believe it I am a huge fan" I remembered a song they sang in liked it I looked over at Niall he was being nudged by the others then they looked at me I shot around 

"ahhh I see someone likes Niall you better go try to act cool" she winked as I walked back over to them my heart was racing


"what would you like" I asked

"Your number" Niall said I giggled nervously and wrote it down on a napkin and gave it to him

"thanks" he smiled and they left after they left I screamed with joy but was interrupted by my phone buzzing 

From Niall Meet me at the cinema at 7 pm tonight xx love you Maggie 

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