One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


16. Lexi and Harry

This was the hardest thing ever! Yesterday morning around 7 I woke up and kept on vomiting I wasn't sure what to do so I googled it and it told me to take a pregnancy test so I did and it came up positive... Harry doesn't know yet he was on his way to an interview when it happened I guess I should tell him today but what if he is upset or angry with me? What if he leaves me? 

"Lexi! Can you help me ice the cakes for the party later?" Harry asked I nodded and started to ice he had 11 cupcakes and i had 12 he finished first and put them on a plate 

" the middle one is for you" he smiled I looked at the cakes it was a pink cake with blue icing and it said I love you on it 

"I love you too" I kissed his cheek and got back to icing when I got an idea I put them all on a plate and whispered to Harry 

"the middle one is for you" he looked at the cake which said ' I am pregnant' he looked at me I wasn't sure what to do but he smiled 

" finally I get to be a dad this is perfect!!!!! I love you so much" He kissed me then kissed my belly but soon we realised we had more cakes in the oven we had burnt them so we decorated them with smiling faces when we were down to two he iced a cake saying will you marry me? After I read it I looked up at Harry who was on one knee with a beautiful ring I got a cake and put 

YES! On it he kissed me again when the doorbell rang and Liam Niall Zayn and Louis walked in 

"what are you guys so happy about" Liam asked looking at us smiling like loons So I gave them the cake which said I am pregnant they all looked astonished but Louis broke the silence 

"Harry did you... You know what yet" Louis whispered so the boys could hear but not me,  Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me close 

"and we are finally getting married" he smiled ....





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