One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


10. Jojo and Zayn

It was so boring just sitting inside with the rain outside so i decided to go to my uncles house he is a music producer and normally has someone famous at his ,I got in my red Mini and drove to his. I knocked on the door but Zayn Malik opened it 

"hello I am JoJo Matts niece" I said I love one direction Zayn in particular so I was wondering exited to meet him 

"Hey I am Zayn come in your uncle is out for a bit" he said I walked in and sat on the sofa and i talked to Zayn he was really funny and we got on we have alot in common then Zayn got a text from my uncle saying he was too busy now 

" would you like to come over to my house I think Harry Liam Niall and Louis are there too?" he asked 

"sure" I said as we got into Zayns car and drove to his place we walked through the door as soon as we did harry liam niall and louis rushed down the stairs 

"oooooh Zayn is this your girlfriend" Harry laughed 

"no this is JoJo my friend" Zayn introduced me to everyone and we sat down we decided to watch a film together we decided on Harry Potter and the goblet of fire i must have fallen asleep because I woke up to hear them all snoring exept Zayn 

"JoJo are you awake?" he asked 

"yeah" I answered 

" do you want a drink?" 

" can I have some Coke please?" 

"ok back in a second" he went off I waited for about a minute when I heard a loud crash I rushed into the kitchen where Zayn had slipped and got coke and flour all over him 

"what happened?" I said helping him up 

"the shelf with all the flour on it broke and landed on me" I helped him get flour out of his hair but then he threw some flour at me and we started a flour fight he came up to me wiped the flour from my face and we kissed. I cleared up and sat in the front room as everyone woke up Harry went up to Zayn and said 

"JoJo is hot"

"don't you say that " Zayn whispered

"I thought she wasn't your girlfriend" Harry raised an eyebrow 

" she is now" Zayn winked at me 


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