One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


13. Ivonne and Louis

I was listening to the song She's not afraid by one direction when my mum walked in 

" Ivonne are you listening to one direction? " she asked 

"yeah my favorite is Louis " I said 

" good now I can tell you about when you were little " she smiled and she sat me down on the sofa 

" when you were little we lived in Doncaster and you met a boy and became best friends with him but we moved and you forgot about him and for the past 16 years he has been looking for you and he found us through Facebook he is visiting you and his name is Louis Tomlinson"

"really?  When " I asked I would have thought she was kidding but she looked serious There was a knock at the door 

" that is him I will leave you too alone" my mum left I took a deep breath and opened the door 

" Ivonne is it really you!? I can't believe I found you" he greeted me with a warm hug I really loved it we sat and caught up I know why we were best friends we had the same humour and sass but before we knew it Louis had to go 

" come around mine tomorrow we can have a sleep over like old times " he said as he walked off.......... DID THAT JUST HAPPEN ?!? I went to sleep just clearing my mind 

I was awake by around 12 where I had a shower and got dressed I packed some pajamas and clothes for tomorrow my mum dropped me off at Louis I knocked at the door Louis opened it and les me to the front room where there was string clothes pegs blankets and pillows 

"Louis what is this for". I asked 

" its been 16 years since we made a fort let's make it the best" he smiled as we built a fort it was quite big and we got inside 

"16 years ago we made a fort just like this and I found my first crush I haven't met anyone as worth it as you even though we were only kids I have waited so long for this I am not going to waste it" his lips smacked mine and I loved it we spent the rest of the night acting like little kids inside our fort.... How on earth could I have forgotten him 


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