One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


21. Ivonne and Louis (second )

"Louis! Give my diary back or I will rip it off you with my own bare hands!" I screamed Because Louis my best friend had been going through my room and found my diary. I was now awkwardly lying on him reaching for my diary but his arms are too long 

"not until I read about this crush I know you have....unless you tell me who it is" he is so cheeky (oh no I sound like my neighbour Mrs hickernickle ) 

"Louis give it back" I yell

"get off me first" he said calmly I got off and walked back a bit but he ran upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom I could tell he was reading my diary I went bright red and sat on my bed scared of what he will read 

"IVONNE! Please get in here" Louis shouted after half an hour I slowly trudged to the bathroom where Louis was standing 

"what bit did you read?" I asked nervously 

"all of it ... Is this true?" he asked pointing to a diary entry from 2 weeks ago

   "Dear diary" I read aloud

  " I am in a strange situation, I fell inlove with the person I least expected he is just so funny daring attractive but still he is there when I need him he is loyal kind and understanding I wish i had the courage to tell him how I feel just go up to him look him in the eye and say "Louis I am love you do you love me?" I looked up and Louis looked at me 

"you have the courage you just said it to me and" his lips crashed against mine "of course I love you" he smiled little did I know that was the first time I kissed my one true love...


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