One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


20. Erin and Liam

Why on earth would I agree to this! I stood by the pool in my swimming costume shaking like crazy I hate water.. The fear of drowning. Liam my boyfriend bought me here because there is barely anyone around so he won't get mobbed by adoring fans 

"Erin please get in the water I am here I won't let you go under the water I promise" Liam smiled that adorable smile I can't say no to.... I jumped and landed in Liams arms he put me down I could touch the ground on my tip-toes he smiled at me "I never thought you would get in" he laughed 

"I did it for you" he gave me a hug 

"now try to swim" he said after about half an hour I could swim a little Liam went to the bathroom and i was swimming around the perimeter of the pool then I decided I should swim across the pool but as soon as I got to the deepest bit I got a cramp in my leg I started drowning my nightmare slowly coming a reality when I was lifted up and put on the side I couldn't open my eyes I couldn't move I couldn't breath all of a sudden I felt a thump on my chest and water came out my mouth but I couldn't breathe I felt something on my lips I could breathe I opened my eyes Liam was there I don't know what happened so I sat up and hugged him so tight 

"I thought I was going to die" I cried as tears escaped my eyes I saw her was crying too

"I would have never let that happen" he kissed my cheek 

"I know it's one of the infinite reasons I love you" I whispered drying my tears 

"maybe we should wait a little before I next take you swimming... Let's go back to my place I can order pizza and we can watch those cheesy chick flicks you love so much" he laughed as we started heading back as if nothing happened 

"Thanks Liam you are my hero" and we linked arms and enjoyed the evening together 


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