One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


15. Cammie and Harry

Me and my best friend Harry were going to my cousin Amelias party we got there and had some lemonade when my ex Joe came over to say hi I am still friends with him but soon after I was talking to Jo Harrys mood changed and he stormed out the party so I walked out 

"Harry! Harry!" I shouted but he walked on like he didn't hear me so I ran up to him 

" What's the matter?" I asked 

" I just want to go home" he muttered but I knew he was lying 

"is it Joe?" I asked Harry stopped walking bowed his head and nodded 

"what is it about him" I asked 

" I am jealous ok! Sorry it's just I am jealous that once he got to hold your hand hug you every night kiss you whenever and call you his and i just stand there like I have done all my life dreaming I could do all of those things " 

I was surprised you see the only reason I broke up with Joe was because I like Harry and i was scared that if I told him it would ruin our friendship 

"Kiss me" I said he looked at me 

" what?" he said surprised 

"kiss me" I said he smiled and Kissed me in the rain like in the films he broke it off and whispered "I love you I have loved you all my life and I will not stop now"

But our moment was interrupted by my phone bleeping it was a text from Joe 

Joe: look I know you are still single so please give me another chance xx ;)

Cammie: Sorry but I am taken I am with the love of my life 

Joe: who

Cammie: Harry Styles. 

I deleted Joe off of my contact list for Harry, I kissed him again and we happily went home hand in hand it was the start of the perfect relationship 

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