One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


17. Alex and Niall (second)

I was sitting all alone at home because Niall Liam Louis Zayn and Harry were on tour when I got a text from Niall I opened it straight away because I have a major crush on him 

Niall: hey! We are back and at my place wanna come? 

I took no time to answer 

Alex: Sure I have missed you so much 

Oh no what's he going to think I have missed you so much he probably hasn't thought about me 

Niall: I missed you so unbelievably much too :) 

Phew I thought soon I got to Nialls house when I got in I sat on the sofa 

" Hello Alex can I get you a drink" Niall asked 

" yes please could I have a glass of water" I asked looking into his perfect blue eyes 

"sure" he smiled and walked into the kitchen but Harry burst out laughing 

"what?" I said confused 

"you and him we all know you both like eachother stop looking at one another dopey eyed and just get together" He talked to me as if I should know he liked me I blushed 


"get over there and talk to him" Liam pushed me so I went into the kitchen 

"need any help Ni? " I asked 

" I need to talk to you.... You see I really..... I really li...." I sussed out what he was trying to say 

" I love you " I blurted out 

"I love you too" he smiled our faces got closer and closer until our lips met but we were interrupted by Louis 

"get a room!" he laughed earning a smack on the arm from Zayn

"ouch" we all burst out laughing

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