Studying Abroad

Eliana Jamenson and her best friend set off to London to attend a prestigious dance academy that will help them both pursue their dreams as dancers. While in London they have both been placed with host families. Little do they know that they are living with families that are home to two members of One Direction! A summer that is supposed to be dedicated to focusing on dance may end up becoming a whirlwind summer that involves unexpected romances they they never knew would happen :) Follow their adventure to find out what happens!


2. You have a brother?


“Abby you better call me right when you get to your house and you have to tell me what it is like! Then we have to meet up okay?” I said seriously feeling the pout on my face. “Oh hush! We have been best friends for years and when have I ever missed a day of talking to you? I promise to call you right when I get there. Oh there is Gemma!” she said pointing over my shoulder causing me to turn my head to see a very pretty girl maybe 19 or 20. She had short shoulder length light brown hair and small dimples on her cheeks.


“Hi there loves!” she said happily pulling each of us into hugs. “Now I know you are Abby cause my mom has showed me pictures of you, and I know that you are staying with the Payne family who we are very close with. What is your name?” she asked grabbing one of Abby’s suitcase and then turning to face me with a gentle smile. “My name is Eliana Jamenson” I said feeling my shyness begin to envelop my body from meeting new people. “My one and only best friend!” Abby said loudly poking my side causing me to laugh. “It’s so nice to meet you! Karen and my mother have planned a get together tomorrow at our house so we will be seeing you very soon.


I passed Ruth on the way over here so you can walk with us” she said kindly grabbing one of my suitcases as well. It only took about 5 minutes to find our way outside and I immediately spotted a sleek beautiful silver Lexus parked right at the front. I could see a cute blonde girl with long hair and a huge smile on her face once she spotted us. I was surprised as she jumped out of the car and ran towards me and embraced me in a hug. “Eliana! You have no idea how freaking excited I am to be having someone from America living with us.


I promise you are going to love our home. Mum’s already there now preparing the best meal ever” she said quickly grabbing the bag I was holding and quickly popped the trunk open and placed it inside. It was very amusing because it was like Ruth was a hyped on sugar. She was smiling widely and running around greeting Gemma and Abby. She seemed like a complete sweetheart. We eventually had to say our goodbyes and Ruth and I both jumped into the car. “Gosh this is going to be the best week ever! I get a new sister for the summer, plus my baby brother is coming home!” she said happily turning on the radio for some pop song to play over the speakers.


“Wait you have a brother?” I asked curiously, completely unaware that Mrs. Payne had a son. She had only ever mention 2 daughters. “Oh yea he’s a darling! Mum probably didn’t tell you because she didn’t want you to freak out. Most girls do” she said causally pulling out of the spot and driving away from the airport. “What do you mean? Is he like a criminal?” I asked getting nervous and lacing my fingers together in my lap. “What!? Hahahaha of course not! You are darling!” she said laughing a cheery laugh and smiling at me. “He’s just a member of a big boy band” she said cautiously as if seeing what my reaction would be.



“This is actually them on the radio” she said in the same cautious tone. I honestly didn’t recognize the song only because I didn’t spend time on pop culture I was too busy working my ass off. “I’ve never heard of them. But they are very good!” I complimented reaching for the volume knob and turning up the volume.  “Well I guess that’s very good and avoids a lot of problems. His name is Liam Payne” she smiled.


Hmm..I’m staying in a house with a famous member of a boyband? Well I guess this will definitely be a interesting summer.

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