Studying Abroad

Eliana Jamenson and her best friend set off to London to attend a prestigious dance academy that will help them both pursue their dreams as dancers. While in London they have both been placed with host families. Little do they know that they are living with families that are home to two members of One Direction! A summer that is supposed to be dedicated to focusing on dance may end up becoming a whirlwind summer that involves unexpected romances they they never knew would happen :) Follow their adventure to find out what happens!


5. Liam Payne


I was not surprised at all when I looked up and saw that the sun was fully shining through the windows. My phone had died and I was still practicing with my mom. I was sleepy, tired, hungry, but I was used to all of this by now. “You are getting there. I’m going to shot out different dance terms and I want you to perform them. We’ve been doing this for hours so you better not mess up!” my mom said through the computer screen looking at me in concentration.


(These are the tricks Eliana does:


I guess I was just so focused on dance and trying to calm my frustration by listening to the calm music that I didn’t hear the door open. My mom shouted out at least 25 tricks and as I heard the term I did them instantly making sure I was light on my feet at all times. I expected for some more terms to come out of her mouth but when I looked to her she was busy looking behind me. I looked up into the mirror instantly jumping in surprise at the small crowd of people behind me. I instantly recognized Mr. and Mrs. Payne, Ruth, Abby, and from the pictures I saw one of them looked like Liam…except a lot buffer…sexier…cuter…WOW.


I crossed my arms over my stomach becoming completely embarrassed at the 4 other boys who were staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths. “Who the hell are they? WE ARE PRACTICING!” my mom shouted through the computer causing me to blush madly and turn towards the laptop. “Mom! This is my host family!” I said in complete awe at how rude she was being. “Oh. Well I guess I can give you a break. I expect you back in here later to work on that solo. Got it?” she said firmly. “Yea I got it mom” I said before slamming my computer shut and facing them again. They all shared the exact same faces, complete shock and awe, except Abby looked like herself giving me a sympathetic smile, and the boys were looking at my body. “When the hell did you get your aerial Eli!?” Abby said breaking the silence because no one else would.


She walked over to me and pulled me into a hug causing me to push her away. “Ew I’m all sweaty no touching” I pouted as she laughed and rolled her eyes. “Oh whatever” she mumbled rolling her eyes. “Holy Fucking Shit. I don’t know whether to be in awe that you’ve been at this studio for 8 hours straight…or the fact that you are just bloody phenomenal!” Ruth said running up to me and attempting to give me a hug but then noticed my sweat and settled for an air hug which caused me to laugh. “Oh dear. We knew you were an amazing dancer but had NO IDEA that you were that stunning!” Mrs. Payne finally said causing me to relax and then feel guilty for not telling them I was leaving AND not coming back in time for the get together. “Mr and Mrs. Payne I am so sorry! I told Ruth I would be back and I just umm lost track of time. Please forgive me” I said with apologetic eyes.


“Oh hush! It’s okay we understand” Mr. Payne said with a wink causing me to smile and then eye the boys who were STILL staring at me in silence. “This is our son Liam and his band mates” Mrs. Payne said proudly smiling at Liam who captured my eyes. He recollected himself and then a small smile appeared on his face, almost as if he was apprehensive to talk to me. “Hello” he said simply now looking everywhere around the room but at me.  “Hi…it’s nice to finally meet you” I said smiling kindly at him only for him to look at me then look away. “I’m Louis! And my dear are you fit!” he said with a wink causing me to blush and become confused because I didn’t know what ‘fit’ meant. “It means you are hot” the one with the wild curly brown hair smiled to me, showing of his deep dimples. “I’m Harry by the way” he said causing me to look over at Abby and wink which resulted in her gasping and slapping my on the arm.


“I’m Eliana but you can all me Eli or Ana, whichever you like” I said politely. The other boys introduced themselves as Niall and Zayn. The only 2 that didn’t scare me were Niall and Louis because they just had such a happy vibes about them. Liam seemed to hate me all ready for some reason, and Harry and Zayn held mystery…almost as if they were bad boys or something. They were very intimidating. “Well we planned a family breakfast at home so let’s go so you can get all cleaned up!  I know you need a serious break” Ruth said smiling at me, I nodded my head in relief that I wouldn’t have to hear my mom’s shouting for a bit and threw on my sweats and placed my hair up in a messy bun. I grabbed all my belongings and followed behind the boys and Liam’s parents smiling as Abby squeezed my hand.


“Aren’t they smokin?? But I call dibs on Harry! I am going to climb that like a tree” she whisper shouted causing me to stop in my tracks and double over in laughter. I even let out a few snorts feeling completely embarrassed as I watched everyone turn to me and give me amused looks. Once I collected myself I whipped my tears and giggled at Abby who just rolled her eyes and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. There were two cars parked outside and Abby jumped into I found to be Harry’s car which left me to go in the car with Payne family. I chatted with Mr. and Mrs. Payne and Ruth, but Liam seemed to be so distant. I couldn’t tell if it was because he didn’t like me or what. I sat messing with my fingers and glancing out the window at the beautiful country side that rested outside of the window. I caught up on Ruth whispering to Liam and I couldn’t help but listen in.


“Liam what is wrong with you? You are usually so friendly why aren’t you talking to Eliana and making her feel welcome?” she whispered to him. I felt him shrug his shoulders as I kept my eyes locked to the window. “Does this have to do with Danielle?” Ruth asked. “Will you stop bringing her up?” he whispered harshly back to her. I heard Ruth sigh and I could feel her looking at me “Eli didn’t do anything to you. It’s not mum and dad’s fault that the host student they got is a fantastic dancer. You can’t just hate all dancers because Danielle broke your heart” she said. OH! Liam had been heartbroken that’s why he wasn’t talking, I mean that makes complete sense. “Ruth, I don’t want to talk about this anymore okay? Will it make you happy if I talk to her?” he said in a slightly annoyed tone. “Yes” Ruth said simply causing a small smile to appear on my face.


I waited a few seconds until I heard my name roll off of Liam’s tongue almost causing little goosebumps to appear on my skin. I turned to face him and instantly connected with his eyes…they reminded me of a pool of melted chocolate. They were beautiful. “Um how are you liking London so far?” he asked causally. “I haven’t really been able to tour around and the time I have been here I have been appreciating the cold weather. It’s always boiling hot in Miami” I said blushing a little as he watched me speak. “When we were on tour Miami was one of our favorite places, they have beautiful beaches” he said with a smile. “Oh I know! My mom would make me practice on the beach sometimes to improve my balance and strength” I said feeling really stupid as the words fell out of my mouth. Like he cared about what I did that involved dancing. It was like dancing had consumed my life so much I didn’t know what else to talk about or how to even have a normal conversation.


“Isn’t that hard?” he asked curiously. “Honestly very, I would jog in the sand and do a bunch of tricks. Then I would practice my solos in the wake of the waves. The pressure of the legs crashing against my legs took me a few weeks to get used to but after a while my legs weren’t weak anymore and I could handle it. It was actually quite beautiful. I would try and go out when the sun was setting” I said with a small smile as he looked me directly in my eyes and ACTUALLY smiled his cute puppy smile at me. “That sounds amazing” he said seeming surprised by what I said. “When do you go back on tour?” I asked trying to change the subject so it wouldn’t seem like I was just talking about myself. “We leave for our first world tour in August so we have 3 months off” he said sounding excited. “That’s so amazing that you get to travel the world and live your dreams!” I said knowing that the whole reason I was in London was to hopefully live mine.  

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