Studying Abroad

Eliana Jamenson and her best friend set off to London to attend a prestigious dance academy that will help them both pursue their dreams as dancers. While in London they have both been placed with host families. Little do they know that they are living with families that are home to two members of One Direction! A summer that is supposed to be dedicated to focusing on dance may end up becoming a whirlwind summer that involves unexpected romances they they never knew would happen :) Follow their adventure to find out what happens!


1. Arriving in London


“Holy Shit...I can’t believe we are actually in London!” my best friend Abby squealed from beside me. Our flight had just landed in England and being two girls who had never even been out of our hometown of California it was the most excited and exhilarating thing ever. “Our adventure begins!” I smiled as we smashed our faces against the small airplane window watching as the plane lowered onto the runway. “Thank you for flying with us today. We have arrive in London, England and it is currently 1 o’clock pm. The weather is actually sunny which is very rare! So enjoy your time spent in England” a woman’s voice spoke over the speaker.


“Royal Academy of Dance here we come! I still can’t believe we were chosen Eliana” Abby said as she reached under her seat and grabbed her purse and carry on bag. “We completely deserved it! We’ve been working our asses off to get to the top and it finally paid off. I’m just worried I will not be able to balance having a life and dance” I admitted grabbing my things as well and following her off of the plane. “What do you mean Eli?” Abby asked as we began our walk down the  long gray hallway towards the airport. “Because I mean in high school I didn’t go out and party and do fun stuff like you did. My whole life was just dancing. But, we are in London and I promised myself that I would get out there and have a great summer” I said tucking a strand of my straight chocolate brown hair behind my ear and adjusting my purse on my shoulder.


“Eliana trust me, you are going to have a great time. Plus I’m here and you know I’m crazy as hell so I will get drag your ass out of the studio and make you get out and be a teenager” she said bumping in to my hip. That is one thing I loved about Abby she was crazy, outgoing, loud, and didn’t give a shit about what people said. I on the other hand was responsible, hard working, shy, and reserved. Abby brought out the crazy fun side of me and around her it was just easy to let loose. “You’re the best Abs” I said wrapping my arm around her shoulder and spotting a Starbucks. We looked at each other, not having to speak, and raced towards Starbucks trying to trip each other in the process  so one of us could win the race.


“Excuse me” I said politely to the boy who was washing his hands with his back turned to us. He turned around and did a double take as his eyes landed upon us. “Oh! Um hi sorry! What can I get you two ladies?” he asked with a cute smirk. I instantly smiled at his British accent and knew I had to find myself a summer fling here in London but then again I knew I would not have time for boys. I had to stay focused on dance! “I’ll have a Venti Passion Fruit Lemonade” I said kindly pulling out my iphone and turning it on so I could respond to any messages I had missed. “And I will have a Venti cup of you…Cody” Abby said causing me to laugh as she flirtatiously leaned closer to the boy who’s nametag read: Cody. He seemed flustered for a second, probably because of her directness and then laughed along with me. “She’s just joking. She will get a Venti Green Tea Frappuccino” I said rolling my eyes at her mouthing me ‘What?’ as if she had done nothing wrong.


I watched as my phone lit up with messages from my host mother who would be allowing me to stay with them for the summer as I studied at the Royal Dance Academy. As Abby continued to flirt with Cody I clicked on the number and lifted the phone to my ear to hear it ring twice before a sweet voice answered. “Ah hello darling! Have you arrived at the airport yet?” she said happily into the phone. “Yes Mrs. Payne I just arrived. We are about to go get our luggage. I am so thankful you are allowing me to stay with your family” I said kindly feeling the excitement creep over my body. “Oh it is a pleasure love. My daughter Ruth has just texted me saying she is waiting for you at the airport. I texted you her number so just call her when you have collected your things and are ready to go” she said, her voice was so gentle and motherly and was much different than my moms.


My mom was a strict crazy dance mom who was constantly keeping me focused on dance. She even homeschooled me my senior year so that I could be dancing 24/7. “Okay! I am so excited you have no idea. I can not wait to meet you and your lovely family” I smiled as I noticed Abby hand me my drink. “Eliana you are too sweet! See you soon” she said happily before I hung up the phone. “Abby have you called your host family yet?” I asked taking a sip out of my delicious tea and waving to Cody as we payed and then exited the Starbucks. “Oh gosh! Thanks for reminding me” she said quickly pulling out her phone. Her host mother’s name was Anne Cox who had a daughter and a son. Abby was so set on the idea that the son would be some hot guy but I doubt it. But knowing Abby she would definitely make time for some summer romances because that's just who she was. We made our way to baggage as I heard Abby chat with Mrs. Cox. It didn’t take long to see our neon colored dance suitcases come around the luggage strip.


We pulled them off quickly and once we were all set I tapped me finger on the number Mrs. Payne had given me for Ruth. The phone was answered quickly and she was almost squealing at how excited she was “Hello is this Eliana??” she asked quickly. I let out a laugh and answered back “Yes this is she! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got all my luggage and I can meet you anywhere” I said as I eyed Abby texting on her phone. “I am right outside! I am in a silver Lexus right next to where baggage is” she said causing a huge smile to appear on my face. I can’t believe my dream of being a dancer is about to come true, plus I get to stay with the kindest host family ever. “Okay I will be out there in a few minutes!” I said into the phone and then hung up after she said her goodbye.

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