Ten pounds

Anorexia. Something that break your life. Hello my name is Melody, and people say im freakishly skinny. I may only weigh a little over 5 stone. (75 lbs.) i dont think of myself as anorexic because you have to be thin to be that i m so bloody fat that people cant even look at me. I live in an orphange called London's little angels home for girls. Every girl there is so thin and beautiful. I just want to be like them. One day one direction stops by asking for a girl 10-15. What happens when they cant even look at me without gasping and they decide to help.


4. Room unveal

Melody's pov: i finally have a family. I am finally loved. But, how could they love someone so fat? I mean, i am 5 stone.(75 lbs.) nobody should be able to love me. Zayn should've been crushed by my weight when he lifted me. "Melody would you like to see your new room?" Louis asked excitedly, interupting my thoughts. "Um......." I looked at liam for approval. He finally noticed me looking at him, and nodded his head. Louis held out his hand and took me up the stairs. Thought kept bombarding me as we passed things like ' you could work out by running up and down those stair' and 'that would be a great place to hide your food.' After at least a thousand thoughts unwillingly settled in my mind we reached a door at the end of the hallway that had blue wooden letters spelling out my name. Louis opened the door and all i could do was cover my mouth, to keep me from shreiking in joy. The walls were a dark purple with a white ceiling. My bed had a light purple duvet, with a bunch of purple, pink, and silver pillows. I had a white dresser, bedside tables, and desk/vanity with makeup in it. I also had a bookshelf with a chair hang from the ceiling and a huge walk in closet next to it. Then lastly i had a en suite bathroom that had a bunch of hair products and supplies, a detached shower, a bath tub, toilet, sink, and a purple carpet. I had a shocked expression while going all through out the room looking at the new place i called home. I love it. "Louis! I love it!" I screamed running up go him and hugging him so tightly i didnt think he could breathe. "I'm glad you love it but go tell daddy because he is the one who decorated it." He laughed setting me down so i could run down and tell him. About half way down the stair i heard my new moms voice saying "liam take her back!" She yelled. "Why she is an amazing little girl who is just damaged! She needs a loving family like us to fix her!" He retorted getting quite mad. "You didn't pick a girl who was already happy! We could have had a little girl with no problems, and no ANOREXiA!" She screamed. As soon as i heard that i dashed doen the rest of the stairs and past them slamming the front door. My fault. Its all my fault the were yelling at each other. They are just like my real mom and dad. 


(Flashback to when she was 5)


"NO DADDY STOP!" I screamed. "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!" He yelled back hitting mommy again. "GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!" He yelled at us both, then watched us both scramble to the small vehicle. We drove for 10 silent minutes, then he slammed the brakes and opened the door. Her slammed the door shut and opened mine. "GET THE FUCK OUT!" He roared pulling me out of the car by my pig tails. "Oww! Daddy please stop!" I cried. "Alex think about what your doing!" My mom begged. "I am! Ever since this bitch was born you have had all your attention set on her! Your my wife and your suppose to love me! Not this little whore!" He pulled out a gun and shot her. After her dead body hit the ground he pushed me up to the front door of the house. Then shot himself. I cried and cried until this lady pulled me in the home.


(flashback ends)


i ran and ran unti l saw a park. It was dark out so the whole place was completly abandoned. I slowly walked up to a bench and fell on to it from exhaustion. I must have ran 5 miles or more. After thinking for awhile i fell asleep.

Liam's pov: Melody ran out the door. She heard all of the thing danielle said. "Oh my god. She heard me." She exaperated covering her mouth about to cry. "Why would you say those things to begin with!" I screamed. "I- i didnt want a little girl who had anorexia be- because she reminded me of my little sister who died from it." She cried. I walked over to her and hugged her. "Think of this as a way of taking care of your little sister. You can help someone out so they wont die." I told her while my sleeve got soaked on tears. "Liam you have to go find her." She whispered in my shoulder, tired from crying. "Shhhhh i will in the morning." I told her since in was around midnight. Then we went to sleep.


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