Ten pounds

Anorexia. Something that break your life. Hello my name is Melody, and people say im freakishly skinny. I may only weigh a little over 5 stone. (75 lbs.) i dont think of myself as anorexic because you have to be thin to be that i m so bloody fat that people cant even look at me. I live in an orphange called London's little angels home for girls. Every girl there is so thin and beautiful. I just want to be like them. One day one direction stops by asking for a girl 10-15. What happens when they cant even look at me without gasping and they decide to help.


6. Finally seen

Melody's pov: as we walked to his car i couldn't help but think over the thing he yelled. 'Dammit Melody cant you see your as thin as a skeleton!' Kept replaying in my mind over and over until the point of madness. I still could grasp the concept of why he would think that. I have seen myself in a mirror and i most definitly do not see a thin girl. "Melody i know you dont see it but your too thin. Your harming yourself by not eating, and your also hurting the people who care about you." Liam opened my car door for me. I didnt respond. Now all i could think of was that god awful ten pounds. 'If you loose it you can be happy!' My thought soon turned against me, forcing myself to look into the car mirror. I slowly peered into the reflective surface to see something i never thought i would see. Thin. I brought my hand up to my face and traced to overly-prominant cheek bones. Was this how i actually looked? I brought my finger up to trace my cold,blue lips. Was i really doing this mych harm to myself? "I see it." I whispered in an almost not heard voice. "You see what?" Liam questioned. "Thin. My face, it- it looks to thin. It looks like skin placed over bone." I stammered. Was this what they were trying to show me? "You finally see why we were so worried about you? You see that?" He looked so shocked that i could actually see the pale, almost white skin that cocered my body, the bones that were sticking out way to feircely, and most inportantly the harm that i have caused myself. 

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