Mending His Broken Heart: A Fixing His Broken Heart Side Story



1. Mending His Broken Heart

Death is inevitable. No one is immortal; all of us will eventually die. Someday, our life will be squeezed out of us. It might be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or the next few years. We will never know when or how will the dawn of our lives come to an end. But he was not yet ready neither I.

I hopped my way down the white Mazda car and ran as fast as I can towards a black wooden door thrice my size in what looks like a chapel to me.

“Daddy!” I shouted and searched him in the crowd.

“Daddy!” I shouted again. I turned my head from left to right once more and tried to stand on my tiptoes. A man in white polo stood up and my eyes twinkled in glee the moment that I saw him.

I ran as fast as I can towards the man who gave me life and hugged him on his left foot. I tilted my head upwards and gaze upon him. He smiled. He smiled a smile that I saw for the first time. Why was he smiling like that? He never smiled that way to me. He never did. This one’s a first.

I hugged his foot tighter and he scooped me up into his arms kissing my forehead. He walked towards a platform and sat in front of three rectangular white boxes. One box was bigger than the rest but they were both surrounded by a flower with a sash on them.

He put me on his lap and I curled unto him. “Daddy,” I called him. He looked down and lifted my chin meeting my gaze as he did. “Yes, sunshine?” he replied.

“Mommy, will wake up, won’t she? Even Lily and Iris would, right Daddy?” I said. He smiled. “They’re just having sweet dreams that is why they won’t wake up,” I said.

“Yes, sunshine. They’re just having sweet dreams,” he agreed and kissed me on the forehead. Afterwards, I fell asleep on his arms.

I believed him. I did. But he lied. He lied to me!

“Daddy?” I shouted panicking at the sight of two men carrying the box that my mother was in.

“Daddy?!” I tried once more but I was met with no reply. He was nowhere of sight. I started jumping up and down due to anxiousness because they’re taking away my mommy and my twin sisters. Where is he? Doesn’t he love my mom and my sisters anymore? Why would he let them take away them?

I ran towards the nearest man to me and pushed him. “No!” I shouted. “Why are you taking my mommy?! Where are you bringing her?!”

A man pulled me from their way and held me firm and strong. I tapped my feet on the floor anxiously and tried to get away from the man who was holding me but he would not let me go. I lowered my head down and bit his hand. His hold loosens a bit and I took that opportunity to run and kicked a man carrying my mom’s box.                                                                                  

“You have no right to take my mommy away from me!” I screamed while tears started streaming down my cheeks. “You won’t take her! You won’t take my sisters too!”

But he didn’t listen. He stood up and tried to carry the box again. I kicked him but it was to no use. I don’t even know if I am really kicking him, tears were blurring my vision. “No!” I shouted repeatedly trying hard to stop them.

Despite the fact that my vision is blurred, I saw my daddy watching from far. Why was he watching what was happening? Why is he doing nothing? Why was he allowing these two heartless men take my mommy from me? Why?

He might have seen me looking at him that made him walked towards me and scooped me up. “Ssshh,” he comforted.

“No!” I shouted. “They won’t take my mommy and my sisters away from me! I won’t let them! They will wake up!” I shouted at the top of my lungs hugging my teddy bear tight. “Just wait and see!”

He shook his head. Why won’t he believe in me? “No! They will wake up! I know they will! Just wait and see!” I said and ran towards Iris’ box and shouted her name. “Wake up! Wake up! Show them that you’re just sleeping!” But I saw no response from her. I dropped my hands hard on the box and shook it. “I said wake up! Wake up! You’re just sleeping! Wake up!” I shouted as fresh new tears came out from my eyes. “Wake up!”

Someone pulled me away from her. I kicked and punched him not realizing who was holding me. All I wanted is for my mom and my sisters to wake up. He pulled me tighter making me recognize his embrace and in that instant, I calmed down . “Daddy,” I said while sobbing. “They’re going to wake up. I know they are. And besides Mommy has to wake up. She has to.”

“Why?” he asked softly.

“I’m having three new baby siblings,” I answered and he hugged me tighter and I felt his hot tears on my forehead.

“She told you that?” he asked making me meet his gaze. I nodded. He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me closer and I fell asleep into his arms.

He lied. I never saw them again since that day. He told me that they were in a happy place where there is no sorrow or sadness. He told me that they are in heaven with God. I asked him why we can’t come with them; he whispered these very words to me while tears fell on his cheeks, “Don’t. You wouldn’t want daddy to be sad right? Besides, let God have His ways.”


And from that day on, I promised that I will mend his broken heart.

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